How to Write a Great Job Description Candidates Can't Ignore

Employees need to know what responsibilities they will have if they get hired for a particular job. Human resources departments know that giving an employee a detailed description of their job duties is crucial for the recruitment process and attracting qualified candidates.

What Is a Good Job Description?

A good job description should accomplish two things: it should catch the applicant's attention while describing the job accurately. Another essential thing to consider is the length of the job description. A job that requires fewer qualifications and skills should have a shorter one, while a high-level job should be described in detail.

The Importance of a Job Description

Job descriptions are essential for both companies and applicants. To make sure that your job posting attracts the best applicants, you need to write an excellent job description. Writing a good job description is a sure way to get the applicant's attention, therefore, improving your chances of attracting great candidates.

Job descriptions are also crucial for applicants themselves. Job applicants need to know the exact requirements of the job they are applying for. A job description provides that information and is, therefore, crucial. You can also avoid going through a long and tedious recruitment process when writing a good job description.

How to Write a Good Job Description

Now that you know what a job description should include, you might be wondering how you can write one that can be considered high-quality. To guide you, here are some elements of a job description that you should include in yours:

Job Title: You must give the job the title that effectively summarizes the job and what it entails. For example, if you're writing a job description for a junior position, you might use phrases like "entry-level" or "recent graduate."

Job Summary: A job summary should describe your position in a few sentences. It should include the job title, the experience level required, the skills and qualifications needed, and a general position overview.

Duties and Responsibilities: A list of specific duties and responsibilities should describe what is to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. It should also include the skills, experience, and qualifications needed to do the job.

Degree Requirement: If you're writing a job description for a managerial position, for example, you might want to include a degree requirement. You can also include references to a certificate if necessary.

Expected Hours: You might include the expected hours for the job, especially if it is a part-time job or a position that only requires the employee to work a few hours a week.

Job Location: Include a description of the location of the job. This can help the applicant decide if they still want to apply.

Job Application: Include information regarding the process of applying for the job. This can include specific requirements for the application form and any deadlines for submission.

Company Background: If you're looking for candidates who have experience in a particular industry, you may want to include some information about the company's background. This should include information about how long it's been in business, its success stories, and even its company structure.

Spelling and Grammar: Last but not least, make sure your job description is free of spelling and grammar errors. These errors may turn off the applicant and present an unprofessional image of your company.


The more information you include in your job description, the better the chances of getting a high-quality applicant. Focus on creating a job description that will catch the attention of the job applicant while also describing the job accurately. You can use the information above to write a great job description.

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