Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Pre-Employment Assessments

Employment assessments are a common practice in the recruiting process. Companies use these tests to screen out unqualified candidates, determine how qualified an applicant is for a specific position, and determine if they have what it takes to be successful in their field.

Assessments can be an excellent tool for companies looking for the best candidate for a position. However, many companies are abandoning pre-employment assessments in favor of more modern candidate screening methods.

But why is this a bad idea? Here are three reasons why companies should keep pre-employment assessments.

Preventing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a costly problem for employers. According to the new HR data benchmarking reports of the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost of replacing an employee is about $4,700. This includes recruitment, training, and lost productivity costs.

Pre-employment assessments are one way to help reduce turnover by identifying potential problems before they become real issues. If you have a pre-employment assessment, you can more effectively screen out problematic candidates before they even get hired. This will save you time and money on hiring and training efforts that ultimately need to be revised.

You can also use pre-employment assessments to identify potential problems with current employees before they become significant issues. Suppose an employee expresses concerns about their job or workplace environment during an assessment session. In that case, there are ways you can use that information as part of your overall performance management process to address them before they result in higher turnover rates down the road (or other adverse outcomes).

Boost Your Company's Credibility and Employee Morale

Employers who use pre-employment assessments can avoid hiring employees who are incompatible with the company culture, adversely affecting employee morale and productivity.

New hires that are not fit for the job can give the current employees a hard time training and mentoring them, which can harm the company's overall performance.

If you use pre-employment assessments to identify employees who are a good fit, your current employees will thank you for giving them someone they can work with.

Moreover, your company's credibility will increase because you can hire employees who are better suited for their jobs. This will give your company an edge over its competitors, which will have access to a different level of information about their job applicants.

Avoid Unbiased Assessment 

Asking candidates to take an assessment increases the perceived fairness of your hiring process and improves their opinion of your company.

However, asking them to take a test that is not professionally administered can have the opposite effect. This is because they will feel they are being mistreated or their abilities are not considered. If the assessment in your hiring process makes candidates feel this way, their opinion of your company may suffer.

Pre-assessments are one way to avoid this problem. You can give candidates a pre-assessment that is designed to assess their abilities, skills, and knowledge before they are considered for an interview. This will help you determine which candidates are most qualified for the job and make it easier to choose which applicants should be invited in for an interview.


Pre-employment assessments are still valuable for companies looking to find the best possible candidate for a position. While technology has made it easier to screen candidates, pre-employment assessments can help companies narrow their search and find someone truly qualified for the job.

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