Why you should hire someone who is better than you

Why you should hire someone who is better than you

Entrepreneurs, particularly business owners, are leaders in their own ways. As the owner of your own business, you’re expected to lead your team members towards the common goal of success. Being an effective leader will definitely make you an effective business owner as well.

One important lesson to learn about leadership is that it involves more than simply delegating tasks and telling people what to do. Being a leader means paving the way for growth and creating a conducive environment for your employees to thrive. Simply put, an effective leader lets the others share the spotlight as he works quietly in the background to keep the show running.

As an entrepreneur with several businesses under my belt, I’ve also learned that, as a leader, I have the responsibility to build a capable team of the best and brightest individuals. As I sift through candidates, I never get intimidated by those with better skills and qualifications: in fact, I prefer those who can prove that they’re better.

Does it seem counterintuitive?

The idea of hiring someone better than you definitely sounds ridiculous, especially for business owners. This is because such an idea might make you believe that that person will easily overshadow your role in the company. Of course, being intimidated by someone with better skills is a natural reaction, regardless of where you are on the corporate ladder.

On the contrary, these talented individuals can make it easier for you to run your business and achieve your own set of goals. Here are some of the compelling reasons to hire someone better than you:

They can turn your operations from “good” to “perfect”

You’ll never know how your processes and operations can be improved and streamlined if you don’t let the brightest minds in. I’ve known several entrepreneurs whose operations were considerably improved after hiring a bright candidate. Bringing different sets of expertise and perspectives can make the problem-solving process go quicker and simpler.

You can count on them to get things right

The brightest minds are often capable of working independently. Simply give them the project, and you can be certain that it will be completed perfectly.

It gives you room for learning

Continuous learning paves the way for growth in both personal and professional sense. Take this opportunity to learn from these people, and perhaps you can better align your vision with your new knowledge.

It’s a step towards success

At the end of the day, your business is kept up and running by the people you have. Knowing that you have the best people in the team, your competitive drive can push you to aim higher and go farther than you can imagine. Simply do your best in leading them in the right direction, then you can focus more on paving the way towards success.

Where can I find people better than me?

The good news is, the current pool is teeming with candidates who have the potential skills and knowledge you’re looking for. Still, it’s important to test whether they can actually walk the talk and demonstrate the skills you need. Assess your candidates through Kandio and our library of assessment tests, and we can help you sort out the best and the brightest for you.

Remember, if you hire better, your business can grow bigger!

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