Why Testing for SEO Skills is Even More Important Now

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The question of “Why You Should Always Test for SEO Skills” is something we’ve addressed specifically in the past. The tricky thing in today’s increasingly internet-driven business world is that there are simply too many people claiming to be experts in search engine optimization. On the one hand this is good, as it shows that the significance of SEO is resonating more broadly than it did just a few years ago. On the other hand though, it can (and does) result in people seeking work in SEO who are under-qualified to do so.

It is therefore vital when looking to address or hire for SEO to sort through potential candidates and partners and assess their abilities. Turning to the wrong person or agency for assistance with SEO can be a costly mistake. Inadequacies won’t always be readily apparent, simply because SEO strategies take some time to pay off even if they go well. By testing, however, you can identify potential problems in advance, and limit your attention to capable SEO professionals who will be more likely to help your business. Indeed, this sort of testing is what SEO guru Søren Riisager helped set up even right here at Kandio!

All of these things are true in general when it comes to SEO practices in 2020. Post-COVID-19, however, this matter is going to require even more attention. That is to say, you’ll need to be even more careful about testing and securing top-notch SEO. We make this argument because there are a few COVID-related factors that point to SEO becoming more important than ever for modern companies operating online.

Competing with More Activity Online

A podcast about SEO on USA Daily Chronicles made a few interesting points about the importance of this kind of practice with specific regard to the coronavirus. The key takeaway, however, was the straightforward assertion that there is more activity online than there ordinarily is. In the simplest of terms, the space has grown more crowded, both with new websites and businesses and with general activity. In a sense, SEO is designed to help businesses show up despite the incredible volume of web activity to begin with — so it stands to reason that with more activity, effective SEO is all the more necessary.

Holding Off Small New Competitors

We mentioned just now that some of the intensifying activity online is due to new websites and businesses. And moving forward, it’s expected that some who have lost jobs or opportunities due to COVID-19 will be looking to start their own ventures online. This means you may be facing newer, small competitors. And SEO can help you to stay ahead. As we’re reminded in Ayima HK’s take on digital marketing for new startups, effective SEO can be one of the “biggest hurdles” for small businesses. Often, they simply lack the technical knowledge and content capability to make an effective effort out of it. This will be true of many businesses started in the aftermath of COVID-19 as well, which means it’s all the more important for you to stay ahead with your own SEO operation. It’s one of the distinct advantages you may hold over new and emerging companies in your space.

Staying on Consumers’ Minds

One argument some may have against a robust SEO operation in the midst of a pandemic is that consumer demand is down. It follows somewhat logically then that SEO may be a wasted effort — a means of putting your business in front of people who are unlikely to be inclined to make purchases until COVID-19 is behind us. This makes a certain sense, but the idea is outweighed by the simple importance of keeping yourself relevant. As Business.com’s look at SEO during COVID-19 put it, SEO can “help you stay in the minds of your audience and help you thrive in the future.” This look at the current situation goes back to past crises and identifies instances in which businesses that kept up marketing efforts during crises ultimately increased activity. It is apparent that keeping your business visible and relevant — particularly if your competitors are scaling back — will set you up well for conversions once COVID-19 is behind us.

For these reasons it is clear that SEO still matters, and thus that it’s more important than ever to test for skills. Businesses that thrive with their SEO efforts for the duration of the pandemic will be more likely to excel once said pandemic is finally over. 

By Aimee Candace 
Exclusively for kand.io

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