Why Pre-employment Testing Matters during the Hiring Process

In any organization, hiring the right people is essential to ensure that the day-to-day operations go well. For this reason, organizations are constrained to run their recruitment processes effectively and efficiently. However, the recruitment process takes time and isn't always guaranteed to find qualified candidates. Luckily, pre-employment testing can help.

Pre-employment testing refers to the pre-employment assessments that check job seekers' skills, knowledge, and abilities. This helps organizations evaluate which candidates will be the best fit and narrow the pool of job seekers down to those who can do the job. While it's a highly effective method of hiring the ideal candidates, not all organizations utilize pre-employment testing.

If you've yet to employ pre-employment testing in your organization's hiring process, this article will discuss how it can help you.

Types of Test Methods

There are many different test methods that an organization can use for pre-employment testing. These include:

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests measure the potential of job seekers, which is an essential element of organizational success. These can be used to evaluate job seekers on how they might perform in a potential job and how they might perform in the future. Aptitude tests also make it easy to predict how candidates might perform when they're hired.

Skills Tests

Skills tests measure job seekers on the skills they will use in their jobs. Skills tests evaluate job seekers' abilities to perform the job duties and can be used for new hires or existing employees. Skills tests are an excellent way to ensure that candidates can perform the job and can be used to gauge what existing employees can do.

Honesty and Integrity Tests

In any job, honesty and integrity are essential, and these tests check whether candidates can be honest and upright in their work. These tests check candidates on their honesty and integrity and are used in pre-employment testing to assess candidates' character.

Polygraph Tests

Similar to honesty and integrity tests, polygraph tests test a candidate's integrity in their intentions. The only difference is using a polygraph; a device used to check how a person reacts when answering truthfully with more accuracy. This is to ensure that candidates are honest and not hiding anything.

Medical Examinations

Medical examinations are used to check whether candidates can perform the job's duties with a clean bill of health. These tests check if candidates have conditions that might interfere with their job.

Criminal Record Checks

Organizations use criminal record checks to check job seekers on their records. This helps organizations avoid hiring candidates with criminal histories so that they're not at risk of being corrupted by an employee with a criminal record.

Pre-employment Alcohol Testing

Organizations can also do pre-employment alcohol and drug testing to check job seekers on their alcohol and drug use. This can ensure that candidates don't have substance abuse problems that might interfere with their performance.

How to Determine What Testing Method to Use

Determining what testing method to use can be complicated. Many different options are available, so you must look at the type of job you have open and the skills that will be required to do the job. However, you can narrow it down by identifying the KSAOs for the job.

KSAOs refer to:

  • Knowledge - the information an employee must possess for the job.
  • Skills - learned behaviors required to perform the job.
  • Abilities - observable behaviors needed for the job.
  • Other Characteristics - other job requirements, such as attitude and reliability.

Identifying the KSAOs for the job can help you decide the type of test you should use for pre-employment testing. For example, if the job requires knowledge, skills, and abilities, you can use a knowledge test to evaluate the candidate. You can also use a skills test to check if the candidate has the skills to perform the job well. Abilities tests can check if the candidate can complete the job. All that matters is that you use a test that aligns with the KSAOs of the job.


Pre-employment testing is an effective way to hire the right employees the first time to perform the job correctly. Conversely, it's vital to choose the proper test for the job to get the best results. This way, you know that you're getting the highest quality candidates.

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