What are the types of developers and who do I really need?

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There are many types of developers but who do I really need?

With the abundance of online platforms and tech solutions nowadays, it’s almost surprising to learn that these are often borne out of a simple idea from a single person. While some might think that creating an innovative tech solution will require an extensive background in web development, the truth is that you can have a single idea fleshed out and fully realized by a team of various types of developers. 

I definitely know the value of hiring the right people to help realize our common goal. In my case, I had the goal of creating a platform that simplifies how employers assess a candidate’s technical knowledge. I was able to realize with the help of developers who actually know the difficulties of developing an online assessment platform. 

Whatever your idea of a new platform or solution might be, you can trust developers to turn it into a reality. This is where things get a little tricky. Before dipping into the vast pool of recruits, know that there are different types of developers, each of them suited for a particular type of project. 

The common types of developers:

Take this time to review the platform or solution you plan on creating, then decide which of these developers you might need for the project:

Front-end developer

With the many types of developers, if you’re developing a design-focused project, be it a blog site or an entertainment website, you’ll be needing a front-end developer for help. As the name suggests, front-end developers focus on developing all the customer-facing features of the solution or platform. They basically handle the UI, UX, and the graphic design aspects, which include the fonts, content, buttons, and drop-down menus. Front-end developers make use of a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to ensure that your solution provides an optimal and seamless experience for your end-users.

Back-end developer

Projects that require functions such as live booking or online purchasing are the expertise of back-end developers. If the front-end developer handles all customer-facing aspects of your solution, back-end developers are the ones working on all the behind-the-scenes functionalities. Through their expertise in database programming, API programming, middleware, server scripting, testing, and integrations, they are responsible for bringing your solution to life. Apart from these, back-end developers also process a lot of data to ensure that the solution is up and running without any issues or snags.

Full-stack developer

Developing a project that excels in both design and functionalities requires the expertise of a professional that combines both front-end and back-end capabilities, also known as a full-stack developer. Often, full-stack developers can either be a front-end developer with a proclivity to the server side or a back-end developer who’s capable of creating an impressionable UX. These developers offer the best of both worlds: the capability of creating a platform or solution that’s both seamless and fully operational. With the many types of developers available, a full-stack developer is someone you'd love to have in your team even if you have both back-end and front-end developers already available.

It all depends on choosing the right one

Like with any vacant position in your team, you must always consider if a particular candidate is the right fit amongst the several types of developers. Developing a tech solution will take months, if not years, so you can expect to work closely with your developers for an extended period of time. Not to mention, you’ll want to choose someone capable of meeting the rigorous expectations for professional web developers.

Making the right choice always starts with conducting initial tests among your candidates through Kandio. Here, you can find assessments on web development skills to help you narrow down your choices.

Now is the perfect time to realize that idea you’ve always had! Who knows, your solution just might become the next best thing.

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