Why You Should Utilize Skill Assessments for Recruitment

Lots of companies utilize skill assessments as part of their ongoing employee growth plans. They use these assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses and growth opportunities among employees. They can then leverage these findings to provide training and education, spurring employee loyalty, commitment, and advancement within their organization.

Assessments can also be used during the recruiting process as part of candidate filtering. By this method, you can sift through applicants for key positions and find the top talent that will mesh with your existing team and bring new skills to the table.

If you're trying to build your team, here's how you can benefit from utilizing skill assessments:

1. Effective Filtering

Skill assessments can provide you with a method for filtering candidates. By asking about your most important requirements for a role, you can determine if the candidate possesses the skills you seek. If not, you can move on to the next candidate without wasting any time interviewing someone who won't be a fit with your culture.

2. Relevant Assessments

Rather than asking every candidate to fill out the same assessment, you can craft individualized assessments for each specific role. For example, marketing candidates may work best with a marketing-specific personality assessment, while software developers can be assessed for basic coding skills. Tailor each assessment to the skills and qualities you need for your ideal candidate.

3. Categorization of Skill Levels

Skill assessments give you a better idea of what the candidate can and cannot do. This lets you easily categorize candidates by skill level and helps you determine whether you should advance them in the process or remove them from consideration.

With a well-constructed assessment, you'll have a clearer picture of which candidates have the skills you need. You can then select which candidates have the most promising potential to fit your team and move forward in the recruiting process.

4. Impartial Assessments

If you're concerned about bias during the interviewing process, skill assessments can provide an alternative to face-to-face interviews.

Skill assessments provide an impartial perspective by which to evaluate a candidate's skill level. By comparing the candidate's answers to the assessment to your own criteria for the position, you can be sure you're not over-looking someone who would be a great fit for the role.

5. Proper Benchmarking

Skill assessments can also provide more accurate benchmarking for your future team members. Through these tests, you will learn where candidates excel and where they lag behind. You can use this information to plan their training and develop the candidates you want to keep without spending too much time or money on candidates that might not be right for the team.


Assessments can help you find the best possible candidates for your organization. If you are looking for a way to sift through the piles of resumes and applications, assessments can separate the best candidates from the rest.

By hiring the best candidates, you'll get work done faster and more efficiently, and you may also find that your company enjoys a lower turnover rate. Utilize your skill assessments correctly, and you can easily find the most suitable candidates to add to your team.

Find the perfect candidates for your company, your team, and your projects by asking the right questions. Check out our test catalog, and improve your hiring process with the right assessment tests.

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