What You Need to Know about the 9 Types of Employment Tests

Assessments can help you make a good hiring decision if you are hiring staff.

Hiring assessment comes in many forms. These tests can run efficiently to screen candidates, but you must know the different kinds available to help you understand how effective they are.

What Are Employment Tests

Employment tests or hiring assessments are used by employers to understand potential employees better and determine whether you fit their ideal candidate profile. These tests are typically composed of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and/or essays. Some are designed to be taken online, while others are administered through a third-party testing agency.

These assessments are designed to measure and predict candidate fit for a position. The more a candidate meets the hiring manager’s ideal profile, the higher the candidate will score on the assessment.

What Are the Types of Employment Tests

There are seven types of employment assessments:


Physical tests measure your ability to do a job through a series of physical tasks. For example, a physical test might require lifting a weight, pressing a button, or picking up objects of varying weights and sizes. These tests are put in place to help employers learn about your physical capabilities and whether you can perform the job duties.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence tests measure the emotional intelligence of a job candidate. These tests have been used in the past to measure the leadership qualities of candidates. The test has five key areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, social skills and relationships.

Cognitive Ability

In cognitive ability assessments, candidates are given various questions to determine their problem-solving, reasoning and critical-thinking skills.

Cognitive tests measure mental capability, such as learning, reasoning and making decisions. The following are everyday subcategories:

Verbal Reasoning. Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure reasoning and the ability to read and interpret written material. These tests can be used to measure verbal intelligence and writing skills.

Decision Making. Decision-making tests measure the way you weigh decisions. This test measures your decision-making skills and how you react under pressure.

Numerical Memory. Numerical memory tests measure your ability to recall numbers. These tests measure numerical, mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Numerical Reasoning. Numerical reasoning tests measure your ability to analyze data or numerical problems.

Spatial Reasoning. Spatial Reasoning tests measure the ability to understand and create three-dimensional forms with varying spatial dimensions. These tests can measure your design skills, math skills and ability to solve spatial problems.

Psychomotor. Psychomotor tests measure your physical coordination, reaction time and alertness. These tests measure your physical abilities to help employers determine if you can perform the job.


Skills tests measure skill competency, knowledge and technical abilities related to the job they are applying for. Sometimes these tests are part of the initial application process, but they may also be used during the interview process.

Job-Specific Knowledge

Job-specific knowledge tests measure an individual’s knowledge of a particular job or industry. These tests help employers to determine your ability to learn and retain information.


Personality tests are used to draw out specific personality-related characteristics of a job candidate. These tests determine a candidate’s compatibility with the employer, the job, or the team. These tests are also meant to measure the employees’ individual personality traits, interests, values and behaviors.

In these tests, you will essentially be asked to agree or disagree with statements related to you. You may also be asked to rate yourself in a specific area.


Integrity tests measure whether a job candidate can be trusted and his or her versatility and adaptability. A typical integrity test may include questions about your leadership, teamwork, and ability to work independently.


Hiring tests can be an excellent way to see if you are a good fit for a particular job. If you are applying for a position, use the information presented above to help you better understand the type of assessments you may be put through.

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