Tips and techniques on where to find good candidates

I’m a serial entrepreneur by choice and a successful one by force. As a good friend of mine once said, “Kasper’s biggest strength is that he doesn’t know what’s impossible when he involves himself in a new space.”

Having built and sold five businesses in the past, it was never an easy feat for me. I’ve been asked so many times, “How are you able to create very successful businesses?” “What’s your secret sauce?”

None. It’s simple. Hire the right people. Build a strong team that won’t work for you. Instead, build a team that’ll work with you. Now here comes the next question, “Where do you find good candidates?” There’s really no one good place to find good candidates because the world is just oozing with it. The best advice that I could give is: don’t do shortcuts when hiring. The best way to recruit talent is to make sure that when you hire them, you’re never going to hire another one ever again. Because hiring is like everything else. The more time you spent on task, the better the outcome you will get.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in a startup or a small business ready to take on the big leagues, finding talent is all the same. So, where?

Online Job Boards

Remote workers are a different breed of talent. In my opinion, they’re the fuel to the emerging entrepreneurial mindset because they think like one themselves. My best employee was hired from Onlinejobs.ph, and he’s still working with me running for five years now. At first, it can be overwhelming to post jobs in these online boards as you don’t know who or what you’ll find, and you also quickly realize, that you will probably never meet this person in real life. Aside from the fact that it feels so simple, there’s nothing to worry about it because it is indeed simple; you add a job posting then wait for applicants, and that’s it! Be sure to post a comprehensive job description. If you’re vague about your requirements, then you can expect the same from your applicants.

There are many alternatives to Onlinejobs.ph such as the following:




But if you’re looking into scaling your recruitment and upping your game to find a lot of great candidates, here is a list of Top 55 Global Job Boards that can easily give you access to millions of candidates all over the world.

Advantages: You get to hire very talented remote workers for a very reasonable cost.

Disadvantage: Chances are, you’d receive a lot of what I call “Spamdidates.” Those who are applying but are not fit for the position.

Social Media

At this day and age, if you didn’t have social media, you’d be missing out on a lot of things: news, trends, and opportunities. What used to be a hub for media and entertainment has turned into a place where opportunities can sprout. My personal favorite is LinkedIn. Some may argue that it’s become a venue for techie salespeople, I’d say there’s more to that. As the saying goes, “Your network is your net worth,” and your social capital is a valuable asset. It’s simple math. If you had a network of 1000 contacts and each had a network of 1000 and so and so forth, one simple shout out that you’re trying to find good candidates to hire will radiate to people everywhere.

Another alternative would be to post jobs via Facebook. But I still prefer LinkedIn because it reaches the right audience.

Advantages: Assuming you have an authentic network, you’d also get authentic recommendations from them. If you trust someone and he trusts his recommendation, then it’s safe to say that you’d have the same trust for both.

Disadvantages: The truth is, even in an authentic network, there are still “Spamdidates” here. While everyone has the intention to help you out with your hiring needs, they most probably won’t go through your requirements. For example, you say that you’re specifically looking for a bookkeeper or an assistant. Chances are, your network will filter out bookkeeper and assistant and will recommend just about anyone to you.

Job Portals

Jobstreet is probably one of the biggest brands for job portals. But you might be wondering, what’s the difference between a job portal and a job board? Job Portals are huge. They’d cover countries, continents, and the whole range of talent that you need. If you need to hire people at the managerial level, you’ll find them here. If you need to hire electricians or drivers, you can find them here as well. It’s a gold mine. If you’re looking into hiring a wide range of talent specified for your location, this is where you could start. For example, Jobstreet covers Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Other alternatives to find good candidates are Monster and Indeed.

Advantages: For whatever talent that you need, you’d definitely find them in these job portals.

Disadvantages: Aside from the usual “Spamdidates,” you’d be competing with massive multi-national companies and applicants may usually want to prefer bigger companies for job security.

The bottom line

There are a lot of ways to find good candidates and there are a lot of great talents out there. But the reality is, you don’t need them all. You just need that one talent to be a part of your team and put effort into selecting your candidates thoroughly. While it could be difficult to remain objective in your talent selection because of possible biases in hiring, nothing beats hard evidence that a candidate is a perfect fit for you. And you can achieve that by giving online assessments.

Are you hiring a C++ developer? Give them a C++ online assessment. If you’re looking for an SEO expert, give them an SEO online assessment.

This is why I built Kandio. I wanted to find good candidates efficiently without sacrificing precious time. With the help of my A-team, we’ve made online assessments as easy as it should ever be.

It’s as simple as posting this to the job platforms I mentioned above:

“Hi, candidates. Kandio is looking for an SEO expert to help us bring us out to the market. If you think you’re a fit, take our online assessment here: https://kand.io/test/akwjd7

After taking our test, the candidate will automatically be placed in your pool of applicants. The better the results, the better your spot is on our waitlist.

Hope to interview you soon!”

Happy hiring!

Kasper is the founder and CEO of Kandio. A serial entrepreneur who is on a quest for helping businesses hire only the best talents.

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