What Are the Skills That an Android Developer Should Have?

As Android has become so popular, the demand for Android developers is also growing at a very rapid pace. As a result, many companies are willing to pay a lot of money to experienced Android developers.

These developers are required to have a sound knowledge of many different things. It is not sufficient that they are only good at coding. A good coder isn't enough. They must also be skilled in marketing, coding, and design.

In this article, we will look at some of the skills that Android developers should have.

1. Java Programming

It is a programming language and a runtime environment used to write Android applications. Hence, it would help if you had a good hold on being a successful Android developer. 

You must be familiar with the language and its constructs to get the best out of your program. To create Android apps using the Android SDK, the developer must be familiar with the Java programming tools and the Java programming language.

2. Android Framework

Android development is driven by a framework that Google developed. It is called the Android Framework. The Android framework consists of libraries and APIs that apps can use to access the required resources. These are the components that support the overall structure of the system.

An Android developer must be familiar with the Android framework. It should also be known that it is not necessary to understand every component and its role in the framework. However, it is essential to understand the features related to the app's functionality. 

3. Android Studio

Android Studio is a software application that can be used to develop Android applications. It is a code-aware IDE, which means the developer doesn't have to write code in one file, and then move it to another to write more. 

This is something that many developers find difficult or confusing. Android Studio lets you write code in one window and see its results in another.

The IDE is designed to let the developer see what's happening in the application as soon as possible. It appears the same way the app looks when running on a device.

4. Android Security

Android developers need to understand Android security to build the best apps since it is of the utmost importance for Android apps. This is because Android is an open-source platform, and thus, it is prone to attacks.

The developers must understand the security measures taken by Google to protect users and their data. For instance, Google has made it mandatory to encrypt the data. The user credentials, as well as any personal data, is encrypted.


The advent of smartphones has led to an equal increase in the number of things they can be used for. The demand for Android apps has increased manifold, and thus, there is a great demand for Android developers.

Although there are many skills that an Android developer should acquire, the ones mentioned above will help you be a successful developer. Having a more expansive knowledge of the app's functionality will help you create a seamless and goal-oriented app.

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