The Impact of Technology on Hiring

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Here’s one undeniable truth: we can’t imagine life without technology. It’s almost difficult to think about how life might be without the technological advancements we’re experiencing today. Days simply couldn’t go by without having a phone in your hand and posting an update on your social media feeds.Needless to say, technology has and continues to influence and improve every facet of our daily lives, even the way we make purchases or do business. With the prevalence of the Internet, consumers can simply conduct a precursory search online and find out more about a particular company. It can even have an impact on your brand reputation.

As a business owner, I believe that the online world holds a host of opportunities. This is an opportunity for you to market your products and services and reach an untapped target audience. Apart from that, the Internet is also giving you an opportunity to connect with your loyal customers and show your appreciation to them.

Nowadays, most businesses are also utilizing the Internet for hiring. With numerous platforms made particularly for job seekers and employers, technology has indeed streamlined the hiring process. Online tools have even enabled employers to modernize each and every aspect of hiring, from testing and evaluating candidates to interviewing them.

Hiring wasn’t always this easy

It’s easy to take advantage of the capabilities we have today, but the hiring process was entirely different just years ago. Back then, with the absence of social media and the like, business owners have to publish job postings on newspapers to get more people into the team.

Newspapers could only do as much, and the pool generated from these print ads are often small. There were even stories from recruiters on how they kept on encountering the same candidates. Some would even end up recruiting unqualified or less-than-qualified individuals for a job that’s beyond them, simply because they have no other choice

Thankfully, recent technological advancements have allowed us to cull and screen a bigger pool of candidates. What’s more, applications such as Kandio has even made it easier for you to screen candidates even further, making sure that you’ll end up interviewing those with the right skills for the job.

What’s next?

You might begin to wonder, though: “How will recruitment evolve from what it is now?”

There’s no harm in thinking about the future. In fact, I am fascinated with the future, and I always shift my vision every year. With that in mind, here’s how I believe things will go.

True, technology might bring forth even more sophisticated tools and equipment. However, the recruitment process will pretty much remain the same. Even with the recruitment trends expected for the year, we still check for the same things: academic backgrounds, college degrees, referrals, and the like.

Having said this, I still believe that assessments are still vital in the hiring process. That’s why I’m confident that online assessment tools, like the ones provided here at Kandio, are here to stay as long as a business needs to hire someone.

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