Techniques to Ensure You Hire a Qualified Programmer

Recruiters face an uphill battle when filling a developer position with quality applicants. Due to the rising costs of tech mis-hires, determining whether a programmer would be a suitable match for a job must be done as part of the recruitment process.

In this article, we will list some of the best techniques you can use to recruit a developer with verified coding skills.

Look Into Their Programming Portfolio

A programmer's portfolio can take many forms, from simple web pages to large software projects. To show off their coding prowess, developers should have one of these on hand at all times. 

Candidate progress, career aspirations, and desired skill sets may all be shown in a portfolio, making it an effective tool in the hiring process. If you're looking to hire a software engineer, this is a great approach to see how well they can communicate and explain their work.

Explore Their Github Account

GitHub is an online platform where developers work on open-source projects and can contribute to others. For developers, the main reason why having an account can be interesting is to show that they can write intelligible and maintainable code that coding peers can easily comprehend and work on.

See How They Use Stack Overflow

Computer programming-related queries and answers can be found on Stack Overflow. To help address programming issues, developers rely heavily on this collaborative platform, which has a wealth of knowledge. 

For recruiters, Stack Overflow is an excellent tool for assessing a candidate's level of expertise, activity in the development community, and reputation. Because it has been provided by one's peers, a person's rating on this platform is more objective.

Have Live Coding Interviews

Recruiters need to employ live programming exams since they allow them to assess a candidate's reasoning, their ability to express themselves, and their actions while testing their ability to code while under duress.

When it comes to collecting interviews, live coding tests a developer's communication and teamwork abilities and their expertise and ability to function well under pressure.

Administer Programming Tests

To find and employ competent developers, an assessment test through a coding exam is a great way to screen candidates. 

Candidates solve real-world challenges while coding, allowing employers to evaluate their technical abilities quickly. Tech recruiters or HR managers can use online tools that automatically assess a candidate's coding skills to set up these programming assessments. Candidates can then be compared and shortlisted when the exam has been finished and a report is generated.

Programming exams save money and time on technical interviews by reducing the number of applicants. In addition, they give a better applicant experience, allowing developers to showcase their talents in a more tech-friendly setting.


Given the competent salary, many people online are trying to get into coding and programming-related jobs. However, despite this significant number of applicants, not all of them are capable or the best fit for your company.

A career skills assessment is essential. Otherwise, you may end up hiring someone who is not qualified for the job.

There are many ways to assess a developer's coding skills before hiring. The key is to ensure that you're looking at more than their resume. Using the above methods, you can step up the quality of your tech hires and protect yourself from costly mis-hires.

Are you looking for a coding assessment test you can use to screen your potential candidates? Kandio is a strategic tool for evaluating technical knowledge that ensures unbiased assessment. Try it for free today!

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