Tips to Succeed with Remote Hiring and Recruitment

Employers have been turning to digital solutions to address their recruiting needs. Some things, like creating job descriptions, are easy to migrate to an online process. However, that's not the case for hiring managers who are forced to rely heavily on remote recruitment approaches. While there are tools to help them make decisions and select candidates, it's important to remember a few things when hiring candidates digitally.

Tips to Succeed with Remote Hiring and Recruitment

1 - Be Consistent in Your Assessments

It's your responsibility to make sure the hiring process is consistent between candidates to ensure everyone has a fair shot. Electronic tools are great when it comes to hiring, but they aren't always able to provide the same level of insight into candidates that hiring managers can get during an in-person interview. It's important to be consistent in your assessments as you hire remote workers.

2 - Make It Easy to Communicate with Candidates

This is a common problem with electronic hiring processes. If you're using a remote hiring tool, make sure the candidates can easily reach you. Consider enabling text chat or voice chat when you're speaking with candidates. This can be an effective tool for communicating with candidates, and it's also a great way to build a relationship. Make sure you spend enough time with candidates to get an idea of what their personality and their communication style are like.

3 - Make Sure Hiring Managers Understand The Rules for Your Company

Hiring managers are the most crucial part of the hiring process. They're the ones to set up initial interviews and get to know the candidate. In fact, they're the ones who are most likely to be in contact with the candidate. They have to be able to effectively represent your company, and they have to be able to evaluate a candidate in the same way that everyone else is. If you have rules and policies, make sure hiring managers know them.

4 - Understand The Hiring Criteria and Consider Applicants That Are a Good Fit

Hiring managers should be using digital tools to do their job. However, don't rely on these tools too heavily, especially if you're an SMB owner. Make sure you understand the hiring criteria for your company. You should be selecting candidates based on the same criteria you would use in person. If you're having trouble finding good candidates digitally, consider applicants that are a good fit for your business.

5 - Use Psychometric Tests When Assessing

When you're hiring remotely, you might be missing some of the insights you can get in an in-person interview. One way to counteract this is to use psychometric tests to understand a candidate's personality. In addition to seeing how they would fit into your company, you can also see how well they would be able to work with others.


There are some tricky tools to use when you're dealing with remote hiring. You have to work within their framework, which is a lot different than what many hiring managers are used to. If you're forced to hire remotely, take the time to learn these tools and make sure your process is consistent and thorough.

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