Skills Recruiters Should Assess and Look for in Tech Talent

Finding tech talents can be quite easy as there are plenty of applicants on the market. However, it can be difficult to find capable ones who would be able to complete all the daily tasks that you would require of them. It’s important to put quality over quantity and narrow down your pool of potential candidates by testing their skills and seeing what they can bring to the table.

This is beyond soft skills such as teamwork, time management, proper communication. While they are quite important to the character of your team members, it’s also important to identify the hard and problem-solving skills that an applicant can offer. The former can be based on an impression and an interview, while the latter requires actual assessments.

Whether it’s with coding, software development, or any other nature of work, recruiters should strive to look for and consider applicants who can offer knowledge and technical capabilities to meet your responsibilities. Here are five examples of the skills that a recruiter should assess when hiring tech talent:

1) Programming Proficiency

Tech applicants will certainly vary in their proficiency with different programming languages. Depending on their work experience and educational background, they should be able to fit in and grapple with the programming language that your company uses.

It may not be necessary for a tech applicant to be fluent in every programming language, but picking at least two among SQL, Java, Python, C++, and the like would be ideal. It would save time for training and integrating them into the company.

2) Mathematical Skills

Although some may argue that mathematics doesn’t have a place within the real world, they’re quite wrong on that. Mathematical skills regarding algebra, arithmetic, and more are a must for many tech roles, specifically in data engineering and similar-minded positions. 

Test your applicants on their understanding of maths and logic by providing a coding assessment for them to go through. If they perform well and you get to gauge how knowledgeable they are, you’d feel much more confident in hiring them.

3) Full-Stack Development Skills

If you’re in need of website developers and software specialists, it’s best to get tech talent who showcase professional full-stack development skills. Being able to work on the front-end and back-end sides of the website will be important to ensure that you and other clients will get the ideal output in a timely manner.

4) Learning Application Skills

Certain written tests can be good to figure out whether your applicant really understands the terminologies and basics required for their role. However, it’s also important to know that their knowledge goes beyond the textbook and that they know how to apply what they’ve learned to real-life projects.

5) Analytical Skills

Getting a tech talent with analytical skills will benefit any business. Not only would they be knowledgeable, but they can also help in assessing the needs of a client, what the hindrances would be, and the potential solutions that must be executed for it. Plus, that sharpness will help them be more meticulous about syntax errors and other possible issues.


To sum it up, hard skills such as proficiency in a programming language and application of that understanding will be important to test for in your tech talent. If they can ace such an exam, you can guarantee that you’re investing in the best of the pack.

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