4 Notable Red Flags to Look Out for When Job Hunting

The advances in technology have been undeniable over the last few years, particularly when it comes to talent acquisition. One of the most notable changes has been in the realm of filtering candidates, particularly in the realm of skill testing and assessment tests. Despite these changes, many applicants have no knowledge of what signs to look out for when it comes to the changes in these processes. This is why we thought of putting together a useful guide on making sure that you are able to successfully navigate these processes and get the outcome you desire.  Here are some of the warning signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to job hunting.

Unclear Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are one of the initial touchpoints between a candidate and the potential employer. That said, it is often undervalued and formulaic on the end of employers and often includes a lot of generic and reused material from the HR team. 

Watch out for vague descriptions that leave you uncertain of the expectations and day-to-day tasks of the role. Usually, these can also be found with impractical requirements like skills, experiences, and other attributes. Watch out for gendered language as well, as this can be a clue as to their work culture and stance on diversity and inclusion.

Inconsistent Brand Experience

It’s not uncommon for job candidates to be the company’s end-users or customers, too. This is why it’s telling when their reputation outside of the company does not live up to their candidate experience. A good example is a candidate applying for innovative and dynamic start-ups that have an inefficient and traditional recruitment process that makes you fill up too many of the same forms. 

A top-tier company keeps an eye out not just for their reputation but for how its culture is reflected in its processes. Take note of the language, the user experience of the recruitment platform and other tools, as well as the process of having an interview with the company. This should match their promises to both customers and their candidates.

Inefficient Recruitment Processes

Candidates are often unaware of the vast improvements when it comes to HR technology in the last few years. And yet, this is an option that few HR teams seem to take. This should be an indication of how much they value their employee experiences. Some red flags to watch out for are repetitive forms that you manually fill out on pen and paper, as well as frustrating steps in the application and recruitment process. Innovative and high-level companies make use of the latest technology to improve the experience of its recruitment teams and the candidates. If a company does not seek to keep their best foot forward for potential candidates, what more for their employees? 

High Turnover Rates

During an interview process, it is usually a good idea to find out more about the history of the role that you are applying for. You may consider whether the position is new or not, and whether you are replacing someone or not. If someone has left the role you are applying for, do not be afraid to ask why. Furthermore, inquire about the turnover of the role and how long the role has been open. High turnover rates are a major red flag. It suggests an issue either with the company culture, the hiring manager or the role itself. You may be better off considering other offers.


We hope this article proves to be useful in helping you navigate a foolproof hiring and recruitment process. As you can see, gaining an awareness of what good talent acquisition and standards look like will be a great help to you when it comes to your job hunt. This, in turn, will help you get the results that you need and get the outcomes you desire. Be sure to keep these tips in mind so that you can make informed decisions about your job hunt.

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