Tips to Recruit and Retain the Best Tech and IT Applicants

As competition for talent heightens, the IT and tech industry is a very attractive option for professionals looking to advance their careers. They know their value to companies and are always on the lookout for other opportunities. Despite the highly competitive nature of this industry, there are many ways to find and retain talented professionals.

How can you ensure that you recruit and retain the best tech applicants given high turnover rates? Recruiters may turn to IT staffing firms for help. Here are some tips for getting and keeping your new hires.

Tips to Recruit and Retain the Best Tech and IT Applicants

1 - Engage with Candidates Effectively When Sourcing

When recruiting for tech roles, there are several challenges to overcome. For example, the relocation risk factor is a big one. For example, if you’re a business in the Midwest, you may struggle to attract talent from Silicon Valley. Many candidates want to be somewhere they can enjoy an active lifestyle, not move to more rural areas.

Another challenge with tech talent is the risk of high employee turnover. IT and tech roles demand a lot from candidates. Taking on a new role in the IT industry often brings on a lot of stress. It may be difficult for them to adjust to a new work environment. Although the market for tech professionals is competitive, there are ways to reduce high turnover rates.

IT recruiting firms can help you find the best talent to fit your business culture. To increase your chances of success, make sure you engage with candidates effectively when sourcing.

2 - Set Clear Expectations

When a potential candidate starts to consider a new role, they’re going to have a certain image of the company in their head. The role the candidate is applying for may vary from what the company actually does. It’s the recruiter’s responsibility to make the candidate’s expectations clear.

It’s important to set the right expectations so the candidate can decide whether or not to join the company.

3 - Be Flexible and Be Honest

Setting clear expectations during the hiring process is a good start, but it’s not a long-term strategy. You can’t expect candidates to always stay with your company.

For example, if someone is looking for a long-term position, they may not be a good fit for your company. A freelance environment is much more flexible. Not only are you able to hire based on talent, but you can also retain talent easier.

4 - Invest in the Development of Your Talent

Younger employees are likely to leave your company simply because they may not have as much experience as older employees. But, what happens if you invest in their development? By investing efforts into the development of younger talent, you stand to benefit. In the long run, this could result in the employee becoming an asset to your company.


The best way to ensure your recruitment and retention strategies are effective is to screen your candidates well before hiring them. This will ensure that you will be recruiting high-quality talent. Employers are no longer relying on internal resources when it comes to finding and retaining the best IT talent. Using tests and assessments will help you reach this goal.

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