Most Important Pre-Employment Tests Considered for Hiring

If you're looking for a specific type of person to fill a job, you'll need to assemble different tests and assessments. Each role will have other soft and hard skills, requiring a firm's internal culture and set of ideals to make someone ideal for it. The answers to these questions will help you choose the correct pre-employment screening evaluations for each role.

When deciding whether or not to make a job candidate take a test, you should consider that it is more efficient to take candidate IQ tests and typical for top candidates not to need to prove their value. The more tests you make job candidates complete, the less likely they will want to work for your company. 

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not the procedure is worth it, given that the company has yet to find a suitable candidate.

Assessments of Leadership and Communication

Leadership and communication evaluations evaluate an employee’s interpersonal skills.

One example of these skills is the ability to analyze a situation and make the best decision for the company.

Other examples are the ability to delegate, lead a team, be compassionate, and use critical analysis to make an accurate decision.

These specific skills can be essential for leadership roles, management positions, or any business since they help advise and lead a team. They are also parts of successful operations.

There are two main ways to evaluate these characteristics: determining whether or not the applicant has these abilities and whether they are well-versed in their use, able to apply them correctly, and experienced in employing them in real-world situations. 

The second kind of evaluation is more of a teaching tool and a way of enhancing leadership abilities. They aren’t as valuable as pre-employment screenings if you're searching for a specific type of leader.

Assessments of a Person’s Moral Character

In addition to cognitive, emotional, and leadership testing, companies may also use integrity and ethical examinations. These exams are most commonly given to entry- and mid-level employees, but any position where an unethical employee could damage the company can benefit from these skills.

That's one of the difficulties with creating these tests: questions about stealing or other illegal activities will have apparent answers.

As a result, several businesses, such as the Indeed recruiting website, use detailed tests that examine a person's overall ethics and ethics in various situations. Some of these examples include the following: 

  • Would you lie to your boss under certain circumstances? 
  • Do your personal and work lives match up? 
  • Have you lied to your boss before? 

While businesses understand that employees’ ethics are separate from their morals, they still want them to act as representatives of the company if they're representing it in public. If you have employees who present your company as its primary representative, you may want to ensure they represent their company well.

Assessments of Physical Fitness

While most physical ability testing doesn't encompass more than the standard medical and physical tests, such as those for hearing, sight, and overall well-being, other physical ability tests focus on a candidate's ability to do tasks and handle stressors. There are a variety of physical tests that address a variety of situations and, in some cases, workplace environments. 

For example, you will test candidates for manual labor on their ability to do physically demanding work.

Although it's time-consuming and challenging, you must test supervisors on a building site for their physical abilities if they're required to lift heavy tools or materials. A supervisor who doesn't move around or exert much effort may not need to be tested for physical abilities.

Even if the position doesn't necessarily involve physical capabilities, it's a good idea to test these employees for physical issues such as heart disease, breathing problems, back pain, and even behavioral issues such as epilepsy or OCD. This way, the employer can alert them of these issues and help them to seek treatment or extra safety measures.


While giving every candidate a battery of tests may seem like a good idea, it's even better to simply ensure that the person is a good fit for the company. You can do this by asking about interests, experience, and education, and you should also ask about the person's work ethic and the values they hold.

You can find the best people for your organization, team, and projects by asking the right questions. Check out our test catalog and use the proper online assessment for jobs to optimize your recruiting process.

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