Why You Should Use Pre-employment Tests to Screen Applicants

Pre-employment assessment tests provide several advantages that speed up the recruiting process and boost the whole company by raising the possibility that new hires will succeed in their roles. 

Pre-employment testing may ensure that the hiring process aligns with the company's goals, such as lowering turnover, boosting revenue, and improving customer satisfaction. 

The following are the main advantages that a business may gain by deploying a successful staff testing solution:

Speeds up Your Hiring Process

It usually takes 45 days to fill a new post, and the hiring process may be highly time-consuming. According to the Center for Economic and Business Research, just 43 percent of job vacancies are filled within 30 days. 

The remaining 57 percent of positions filled in the first month will likely remain unfilled for 90 days or more. This isn't because there aren't enough people.

Managing application flow and finding the ideal prospects in a sea of resumes is becoming more and more challenging for recruiters as applicant pools expand quickly. Pre-employment exams may significantly speed up the recruiting process if they are included in it.

With these exams, companies may clear out many "resume spammers" who send out their resumes with little thought or effort by mandating that candidates complete the exams early on.

The candidates who ultimately pass the assessment tests for jobs are, at the very least, interested in the position enough to invest the time necessary to complete the tests.

Improved Employee Retention 

Pre-employment testing can enhance employee retention and lower turnover rates. It does so by ensuring that new hires have both the fundamental aptitude and the right personality to feel comfortable with the sort of work required. 

Lower turnover rates improve employee morale and enhance a business's standing with the public, making it more straightforward for a company to find and hire applicants of a higher caliber. 

Additionally, lowering turnover has more prominent advantages for a company's bottom line. Recruitment, selection, training, and possibly severance compensation for the departing employee are some costs related to replacing an employee. 

According to one research, it costs around 16 percent of an entry-level employee's yearly compensation to replace them. For higher-paying professions, the replacement cost rises to about 20 percent of an employee's income for mid-level workers and 200 percent for high-level executives. 

Because of this, businesses have a solid incentive to research strategies to lower staff turnover.

Better Productivity

Across a wide range of job kinds and sectors, professionally produced, well-validated pre-employment exams may accurately predict employee productivity. 

Because they may unbiasedly ascertain the degree to which a candidate possesses the knowledge, skills, and talents to perform effectively at any given job, tests are among the most accurate methods of forecasting performance.

Enhances Your Legal Defensibility in the Hiring Process

Pre-employment testing may improve an organization's recruiting process' objectivity, equity, and legal defensibility, in addition to aiding the firm in realizing gains in different business results. 

Employee selection and promotion procedures should be fair and compatible with all businesses' laws. Federal regulations that promote reasonable and non-discriminatory hiring practices apply to pre-employment testing. 


Pre-employment testing solutions are becoming increasingly important, especially as the competition for top talent intensifies in all industries.

According to several recent studies and surveys, employer-mandated pre-employment exams are one of the most influential and popular tools for improving employee retention, boosting employee productivity, and enhancing the company's overall productivity.

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