The Advantages of Pre-Employment Testing for Businesses

As more and more organizations choose to mass hire, HR teams can find themselves overwhelmed. The average recruiter takes 6-7 seconds to screen each resume, which can add up quickly when thousands of resumes are coming in regularly. Pre-employment assessments can help by eliminating unqualified candidates from the pool before any resources are expended on them. Here are some of the best advantages of using pre-employment assessments.

The Advantages of Pre-Employment Testing for Businesses

1 - Lower Turn-Over Rates

One of the most obvious benefits of using pre-employment assessments to screen candidates is that it can help lower the number of people you lose to turnover. If you're only hiring from the top 10% of applicants, you'll be less likely to lose someone who was mistakenly hired.

2 - Lower Training Costs

It's one thing to hire someone and have them leave in a matter of months, but it's even more costly when you're paying to train them and then have them leave before you get a return on your investment. Pre-employment assessments can help you ensure that you're hiring people who have the skills and knowledge you need, so you can use your time and resources on productive training rather than training unproductive people.

3 - Fewer Costs and Time Spent on Hiring

The old adage of "nobody's perfect" is true, and some people will inevitably be better or worse than your expectations. With a pre-employment assessment in place, you can focus your resources on the best candidates and eliminate the ones who don't meet your requirements. This will give you more time to invest in the most promising candidates and make it easier to fill your open positions.

4 - Find the Best Candidate for the Position

It's tempting to hire someone who looks great on paper but isn't a good fit for your culture or job description. Pre-employment assessments can help you more effectively match your candidates to the job.

5 - Tests Are More Objective Than Interviews

Interview processes are subject to human error, which can cause inconsistencies in the hiring process. Pre-employment tests are more objective and less subjective, so they can be a better way to eliminate people who don't fit and can't communicate well.

6 - Less Risk of Discrimination

Pre-employment assessments are not a replacement for interviews, but they can help reduce the risk of discrimination by automating the screening process. They can help identify candidates who may have been unfairly screened out of the hiring process because of a protected characteristic.

7 - Attract More Qualified Applicants

If you're in a high-demand industry where you're competing with employers who can offer higher salaries, you'll have a better chance of attracting the best candidates if you offer a hiring process that's more appealing. Pre-employment assessments can help you find the best candidates and make your hiring process more attractive to them.


Many companies are reevaluating the way they hire, and pre-employment assessments can help them better find, attract and hire the best candidates. If you're thinking about implementing pre-employment assessments, contact a team of testing experts who can guide you through the process.

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