Here’s Why Personality Assessment Is Crucial for Recruitment

Recruiters at companies must screen candidates and assess their suitability for the position to select the person most likely to perform well in the job and will fit into the company’s culture. In general, personality tests that measure a candidate’s behavior during an interview are a useful way for recruiters to see how potential employees will react when placed in a work setting.

More Than The CV

Long gone are the days when a stellar CV and sheer confidence with a bright persona during in-person interviews made someone a shoo-in for a job. High turnover rates and bad hires are incredibly costly for companies; today, hiring has stepped up several notches.

Up to 75% of all hiring decisions tend to result in a mis-hire; that's way, way too huge a ratio in terms of errors. A company can end up spending up to 3.5 times the annual salary of an employee because of wrong hiring decisions.

There's much more to a candidate than just their previous experience and where they went to school. In fact, even hard skills are falling lower on the scale of relevance when it comes to hiring nowadays.

Having a vision of future success plays a key role instead.

Evidence-Based Hires

This is where data comes in, big time. Evidence-based hiring will go so much farther. Finding a candidate that's best suited for a certain position means that companies have to constantly innovate when it comes to screening, assessment, and candidate selection. 

Automated candidate screening and soft skills assessments mean that companies can control who they hire as well as how well they perform in the job. This is done by using AI-based predictive hiring,

Predicting Job Success Through Personality

Personality can reveal a lot about one's behavior, and psychologists have long sought to understand what a person's personality can tell an employer about whether that person will be a top performer in the job. An important part of this understanding is whether personality matches the organization; this is often referred to as 'culture fit'.

Gathering information about the candidates’ personal characteristics allows recruiters to make better-informed hiring decisions. Research has shown that personality measures play a key role in predictors of future job performance and questionnaires. These allow for insights on the candidates' personality and how that will affect their behavior in the workplace. This way, recruiters will see how the candidates will approach and solve problems, relate to others and manage their emotions as aw hole.

Although potential hires are highly valued by employers for their knowledge of the field and their ability to perform, personality traits play almost as big a role. While aspects of personality, such as friendliness and kindness, can be nurtured, hard characteristics, such as an inability to get along with an interviewer, cannot be changed so easily.


When hiring employees, it can be tempting to rely on their CV and previous experiences. Today, that makes for a good starting point, but looking into their personalities will be just as vital. Skills can be learned, but personalities cannot be changed.

Looking to conduct a career skills assessment? Check out Kandio today! We’ve got a curated skill-testing marketplace that hiring managers, CTOs, recruiters and the like can use to test candidates. 

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