Everything You Need to Know about the Facebook Ads Test

When you're recruiting people to join your social media marketing team, you have to make sure they're actually qualified for the job. Sometimes, people think they know enough about Facebook and other social media sites just because they use them often. But true experts have a deeper knowledge of social media that may greatly benefit your business. And if you want to make sure you hire the right experts for your team, you have to screen them with the right tests. One of which is the Facebook Ads test.

What Is the Facebook Ads Test?

Before you hire someone to join your social media marketing team, you have to make sure that person is truly qualified for the job. This means you have to test them to make sure they know how to use Facebook ads and how to do basic marketing online. It also means that you have to make sure they have a solid understanding of how to use Facebook to help your company reach a bigger audience. And you have to make sure they are willing to follow your social media marketing strategies and guidelines.

How Does the Facebook Ads Test Work?

The Facebook Ads test works by having candidates fill out a short-answer questionnaire about how they would do a specific Facebook ad campaign for your company. For example, you might ask a potential employee to come up with an ad for a new product or service and how much it should cost to run. Ideally, the ad should have a specific call to action and a landing page on your website.

The questionnaires are typically about ten questions or so, but the exact number of questions will depend on the job the candidate is applying for and the complexity of your strategy. For example, if you're looking for someone to help with social media marketing for your company, you may only have a couple of questions. On the other hand, if you have a more in-depth Facebook advertising campaign, your questions will take more time to answer thoroughly.

How Do You Score the Facebook Ads Test?

In order to score the Facebook Ads test, you will need to give the person a few different ads to choose from. For example, you can ask them to choose the one they think will have the most engagement, which typically means the most comments, shares, and likes. And you can also ask them to choose which one they think will get the most sales or increase the conversion rate on your site.

After they've chosen their top three ad choices, you can then ask them to link them to landing pages on your website. For example, if you are running a new product campaign, you might ask them to choose a few different products to advertise and link their ad to the product page on your website.

When you score the Facebook Ads test, you can either calculate the scores you get for each question, multiply the scores for each question, or some combination of the two. You can also divide the scores for each question by the number of questions for a quick way to find the average score for each category. And when you have your average scores, you can compare them to the average of your current social media marketing staff.

Final Thoughts

It's important to make sure you hire the right people for your social media marketing team. That's why you should strongly consider using a Facebook Ads test when you're looking to hire new people to fill vacant positions. The Facebook Ads test is a great way to get a better idea of what kinds of candidates you're looking for and if your potential employee can actually help your business grow. 

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