5 Issues Commonly Faced by Fast-Growing Companies

When a company is enjoying plenty of growth, positive vibes can easily flow throughout the company. Of course, this is a great thing, as it motivates workers to achieve more. However, there's also a risk to this. Thinking that nothing can go wrong, unnecessary risks might be taken, and simple mistakes might be made. This happens more commonly than you might realize, and if you aren't careful with your company's rapid growth, you might just cut your growth period short.

That said, if you're here today wondering what kind of issues fast-growing companies generally face to be ready for them, here are some examples:

1. Quality Drops

Many companies that are growing rapidly lose their focus on quality control, which can easily lead to a decrease in the quality of their products and services and their reputation. This tends to happen because employees are too busy doing multiple tasks at once, causing quality to take a backseat.

2. Inexperienced Leadership

This is another issue that many fast-growing companies experience: inexperienced leadership. It's understandable. They're growing so quickly that they can't find enough experienced leaders to help their business grow, so they have to rely on those already on their team. More often than not, however, they might not have experience handling a fast-growing company, resulting in a lack of leadership. This can lead to problems like not knowing how to tackle new challenges that one wouldn't have faced if the company wasn't growing.

3. Long-Term Thinking Disappears

Many fast-growing companies find it hard to work in the long term. They become so fixated on growth that they start to ignore long-term problems. For example, they might keep taking on new clients without thinking about how they might be put in an awful situation if they were to lose a major client or two, let alone put into place methods to keep new clients for the long-term.

4. Having a Lack of Resources

With fast-growing phases comes the lack of resources to sustain it. A big mistake here is not to invest in more and better resources to ensure such growth can be kept up. Such resources can include new talents to help support the growth! In the case that the growth stops, the resources can still be used to maintain what's gained. Of course, without more resources in the first place, companies will easily lose what they've gained.

5. Not Having a Plan to Deal with Challenges

Another issue that comes with rapid growth is that a company might not have a plan to deal with the challenges that come with rapid growth. They might not know what to do when they start to see clients or partners lose interest in the company, or they might not know what they can do to further enhance growth.


The growth of a company can be a wonderful thing. It can increase the number of people who have jobs and lead to better services and products. However, it also means that a company must be prepared. If you have weak leadership, don't plan to deal with sudden challenges to your growth, or don't have a proper management system in place, your growth could go south in a hurry. As such, don't let the growth get to you. Be wary and be careful, and take things slowly. This way, if any problem should arise, you have the time and effort needed to overcome them!

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