How asking the right interview questions will give you the right candidates

As a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in building a handful of businesses, I definitely know the value of having the right team working with you. Hiring the right people is certainly difficult since there’s always either an abundance of candidates aiming to get on board or no one because your demands are too high. That’s why, like most tasks, you must always take the time in conducting assessments among your candidates or adjust your expectations. Having a dedicated team is definitely rewarding. More than assessing their skill sets, you need to ask them the right interview questions.

Determining the skills of a candidate should be simple enough, especially with tools such as Kandio’s assessment tests available, but that’s just one part of the hiring process. Gauging a candidate’s personality and qualities are equally important, as it also gives you an idea of how he or she will fit in. This is where personal interview questions come in.

Interviews are definitely time-consuming, but, when done right, it can tell you a lot more about a candidate. In fact, interviews can show a lot about a candidate’s set of soft skills. Kandio’s assessment tests can also tell you which interviews not to take.

It reveals their communication skills

Communication is consistently named a valued soft skill among companies, and it’s not that hard to see why. A solid team must have the ability to communicate effectively with both colleagues and clients, and it can make all the difference in carrying out tasks. Other than his or her actual answers, a lot can also be determined from a candidate’s body language. For instance, you can tell if they’re confident or shy through eye contact and movements alone. For as long as you have relevant interview questions, you get the window to see their communication skills.

It shows their analytical skills

Kandio’s assessment tests are designed to gauge a candidate’s set of skills in a particular field, be it on mobile development or online marketing. Interviews, on the other hand, give you a clear idea of how your candidates can apply these skills to real-life situations. Their solutions to a sample situation provide you with a deeper insight into their critical thinking process, and could, therefore, help you determine if they are the right fit.

It presents their attitude

Apart from the answers, your candidates give, equally important to note is how they give the answer. Listen closely to how they give their answers, as it can tell a lot about their attitude. Even their demeanor and the way they present themselves can show their attitude at work. By looking at these subtleties, you can learn if their attitude fits the culture you’re fostering at work.

Ask away!

We have previously enumerated a list of questions to ask, and each of them is designed to reveal an important fact or quality of a certain candidate. Even seemingly simple questions like “tell me about yourself” can give you an idea of a candidate’s personality and working style.

Initial tests and interviews go hand-in-hand in the hiring process and both of these help in finding the right people for your team. You need not to worry about creating tests – Kandio’s got loads of them! What’s left to do is to create a list of possible questions that can reveal a lot about a candidate.

Best of luck in your recruitment journey!

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