5 Best Practices to Improve Pre-Employment Assessments

The recruitment process is challenging for both the recruiter and the candidates. No matter how far along they go in their journey, they will remember how the procedure went and how well the company’s recruitment team treated them.

If you want to ensure that you do pre-employment assessment tests right, here are some things to do:

1. Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Candidate

To give the best experiences to your candidates, you should consider putting yourself in the candidate's shoes. What would make your life easier before you start the recruitment process?

You should also consider the candidate’s circumstances. Is it their first job? Are they busy parents? Are they working more than one job?

These circumstances can affect whether they become candidates or not. For example, if they’re a busy parent, they might not be able to attend the interview.

2. Disclose the Job Description First

Before starting a skills assessment test for employment, you should clarify the job description. This will show the candidate if they are qualified to take the job or not.

The more transparent you are, the better because it will expose you to a more significant number of qualified candidates.

For example, when you’re looking for an experienced candidate, you don’t want to make it sound like you’re looking for someone new to the field. If you do, you will only attract unqualified candidates. That’s why you must disclose the job description first. It will stop unqualified candidates from wasting their time.

3. Discuss How Long the Hiring Process Would Take

While we want to hire the best candidate, the recruitment process can take time. In fact, it can consume almost a quarter of your work year.

When you are hiring for a crucial role where the hiring process can take a few weeks or months, be transparent to your applicants about the wait time. This will help them manage their expectations and decide if they really want to push through with the job.

4. Explain Why Your Company Uses Pre-screening Tests

Some people think that pre-screening tests are only used by companies who are not confident about the candidate’s skills. This is actually not true.

Pre-screening tests help the candidate and the recruiter understand if the candidate is a good match for the company. This way, you can use the limited time and resources to conduct an interview with a select number of candidates after the assessments filtered the unnecessary ones out.

5. Let the Candidate Know the Test Results No Matter What

If a candidate completes pre-screening tests and does not get an offer, make sure that you inform them about the results. This way, they won’t have any doubts about what happened during the screening process.

By telling them the results, you show them that you respect their time and appreciate their efforts to work with your company.

Final Thoughts

The recruitment process will always be stressful because it takes money, effort, and time. However, you should eliminate unnecessary stress caused by the recruitment process. By improving how you administer pre-employment assessments, you enhance the quality of talent you hire and establish your company as one that people would dream of working for.

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