Challenges Human Resource Managers Face Due to Technological Changes

As technology advances and changes, the human resources department must adapt to remain competitive. The business's employees have to keep up, or the company risks being left behind by tech-savvy competitors.

The human resource manager handles more than conducting candidate assessment tests. In fact, a human resource manager plays a significant role in helping employees keep up with the fast-paced technological changes. Challenges HR managers are facing include overcoming employee resistance to changes, maintaining skilled workers, providing constant training, ensuring information security, and keeping qualified employees:

Resistance to Change

Technology is constantly changing and improving. However, some employees are resistant to change, and human resource managers have to find ways to overcome this resistance. If the human resource manager can't find a way to make the changes work for the employees, their resistance can result in the company getting left behind by other companies that are able to adapt to the new technology.

Dealing with Shortages in the Workforce

Companies often find that they're short on employees, but there are ways the human resource manager can deal with the situation. The company can try to recruit employees from other companies, or it can try to hire from other staffing agencies or schools. The human resource manager can also try to convince employees to take on extra hours or to take leaves of absence, though this may require some negotiations with the employees.

Training Needs

It is important for the human resource manager to keep the employees up to date with changes and new technology. If employees aren't trained to use the new technology, then the company will lose out on top-notch workers. The human resource manager should train employees in areas such as how to use the company's website, how to use company software, how to use the phone system and e-mail, and how to handle customer service.

Efficient Management of Information

As employees use the company's computer, they create and store a wealth of information. This information can be sensitive, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to the company. It might include trade secrets, confidential client records, or other information that the company wants to keep private. The human resource manager has to safeguard this information.

Also, the company has to deal with the accounting of all the information and the technical requirements. The human resource manager should work with the IT department to ensure that the company can use the information in the most efficient way possible.

Maintaining Skilled Employees

Maintaining skilled employees can be one of the biggest challenges for the human resource manager. For example, if the company is short on skilled employees, it might offer flexible hours or additional vacation time, which can help to keep skilled employees.

The human resource manager can also work with the company's IT department to see if they can find a way to make the technology easier to use or if they can find a new technology that delivers better results.


Because technology evolves so quickly, a company must always anticipate newer versions of certain technologies. For example, a company should investigate how a potential purchase can adapt to or interact with other technologies. They should also give assessment test software a try to see the significance this innovation can make in their hiring process. 

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