How we handle data

How we handle data?

Kandio is at the forefront of innovating and enabling technologies to help create a better recruitment process. More than a commitment to this vision, we acknowledge it as a responsibility. Our role in the entire recruitment process involves processing candidates’ data on our client’s behalf. It is because of this commitment to data compliance that we are able to help our clients arrive at an informed hiring decision when it comes to hiring. At the same time, this also helps their candidates enjoy the ease of access and the opportunity to provide their data, in the form of assessment test results, as a means of qualification to their future potential employers. 

The data we manage

The candidates’ data is processed by our platform to assess their skills based on the tests that our customers create. These results are also processed against our benchmarks which help our customers assess a candidate’s performance against other candidates’ results. This benchmark is a collection of historically processed results that are represented collectively which is not individually identifiable.

Our commitment to your data

We provide our users access to their data. They can simply contact us at [email protected]

Our platform is anchored on the pursuit of innovation. We shall continuously develop features that shall give both our clients and their candidates more access, control, and ownership to their data, where applicable.

We respect everyone’s right to their data. Feel free to contact us for any of your data concerns.


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