Fool-Proof Process: How to Attract Qualified Job Applicants

In Nov 2021, CNN reported that companies find the hiring process more challenging than before. Unknown to many employers, the first step to a recruitment process is to draft a detailed job description. 

Before posting your job vacancy ad, you should let an expert run assessment tests for jobs. Doing so will guarantee that you only get qualified candidates applying for the vacant position. That alone is already a leap forward in the hiring process.

On top of the assessment tests for jobs, there are other things that you need to do to guarantee the success of the hiring process. Here are some of them:

Detailed Job Description

As mentioned earlier, the first step in the hiring process is to draft a detailed job description. Job descriptions comprise the qualifications and job duties of the position to be filled. Having such information is crucial to any employer because it allows them to set out the expectations, qualifications, and other employment conditions.

Note that the job description is the first thing a candidate will encounter when looking for work. It is the first contact point and will significantly influence whether the candidate will go on to the next step or turn back.

The job description should be clear and have all the details you need. You should know the job description details so well that you do not have to look at them again. Ideally, a job description should only be one page. If you have to use more than that, you must revise it.

The job description should be in a simple format. If you create an eye-catching document, you will have to worry about the design that could distract the applicants. 

Add Non-Negotiable Requirements

If you have specific requirements, add them to the job description. It would be wise to include the required qualifications for the job. Attaching job descriptions to the assessment tests for jobs will eliminate many applicants who are not qualified for the position.

It is not enough to state the qualification requirements, so be specific. For example, if the job requires a hire to have the certification of Adobe Illustrator, add this statement: Job description for Adobe Illustrator position. Candidates should have at least three years of experience in Adobe Illustrator with a certification or accreditation.

If you have a hiring process that includes separate assessment tests, be specific in the job description. For instance, state that you require applicants to score 80 percent on the assessment test. It will eliminate an underqualified candidate who scored 78 percent on the test.

Ask Help from an Employee in a Similar Role

Another great way to write the job description is to ask an employee whom the position reports. The employee can tell you the answers to crucial questions and the responsibilities of the job.

For instance, the employee will tell you the duties and qualifications expected at the new position. A good employee already understands the organization and what the role entails. They know the challenges and demands of the role and can easily describe the job to you in a few words.


There is a lot involved in creating the perfect job description. You will have to put in the time, effort, and skill to create a document that yields the desired result. A poor job description will not attract any applicants. Meanwhile, a well-written job description will attract applicants and greatly help you for the rest of the hiring process. 

To ensure that you only get quality candidates, you should ask Kandio to carry out assessment tests for jobs. With our help, you can guarantee to find a qualified applicant to fill out the vacancy. Contact us now for more information!

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