5 Essential Hiring Strategies Every Recruiter Must Know

To find and keep the best employees, recruiters must have excellent interpersonal and analytical abilities and the ability to ask insightful questions. It's common for recruiters to go into talent acquisition because they like matching talents, uncovering a candidate's personality, and developing relationships with candidates. A staggering 78 percent of HR managers believe that most skills will become even more specialized in the next ten years.

It doesn't matter if you're recruiting for remote positions or working as a remote recruiter yourself—making connections with potential employees is always a top concern! Fortunately, new tools are being developed every day to help us connect with prospects in other parts of the world.

While working in a remote hiring setting, here are a few things to bear in mind:

1. Make Sure You Are Offering a Fair Wage

When you are recruiting from locations where the cost of living is lower than in the U.S. or other developed countries, it's easy to think that you can offer a lower salary for the same work. This is what many employers do to stay competitive. However, it's important to remember that people separated from their families or migrating to a new country or city will take time to adjust with their new setup.

In other words, they will work twice as hard to make ends meet, and they'll be more likely to accept a lower salary than they should. It's essential to consider the cost of living in the countries you are recruiting from when creating a new job description.

2. Consider Open Source

Open source involvement is fast becoming a crucial part of the hiring process. As a remote hiring manager, you want to provide candidates with the opportunity to get involved in open source communities. 

You can encourage new hires to start contributing to open source projects, but you should also provide some guidelines and advice on how they can get started. This can make it easier for new hires to begin contributing to open source projects right away, instead of being afraid or uncertain about making changes that won't hurt their careers.

3. It's Crucial to Keep Your Recruiting Pipeline Flexible

Because you are working in a remote hiring environment, keeping your recruiting pipeline flexible is vital. Working with a stable and experienced team makes your workload predictable. A predictable workload means that you can set up pipelines to match your hiring speed. 

Then, if the business is facing difficulties and needs to downsize, or if it is expanding and needs to grow, your pipelines can adjust accordingly.

4. Recruit for Skills as Well as for Personality

You will have frequent communication with your remote workers, which means that you must focus on hiring for both skills and personality. You won't test for the right personality fit until the candidate has already been hired, but you can ensure that they have the skills needed for the job. Remember, you will have to work with your new hires regularly, so fit is just as important as skills when you're hiring.

5. Create a Clear Development Plan

You should create a clear development plan for your employees when they accept the offer. This will give your employees a clear idea of your expectations and how they can progress in their careers. It can also help you easily identify the qualities and skills necessary for people to succeed in your company.

You should specify that you are setting up easy-to-follow milestones when they accept the offer and make sure that your plans are both specific and realistic by testing your employees and making sure that your plans are reasonable.


Hiring people from all over the world can be a fantastic idea. If you want to take advantage of the beneficial cost savings it can bring, follow these tips to create a mobile version of your website. Also, make sure employees work from home, and if they are outside your local area, provide them with the resources they need to apply for the job; for example, their own office with a computer and internet connection. You should also make sure that you offer fair wages and consider looking for remote workers.

Employers seeking top-tier candidates should have them complete the Kandio curated skill-testing examinations. Check out our selection of texts today and choose the ones that best suit your needs!

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