Hiring Developers: Four Assessments Employers Must Use

If you want to find the best developer to hire for your company, you should ensure that you have an excellent assessment process. It’s not enough that you know the qualities you are looking for; what matters is how you will be able to gauge whether the candidates possess these qualities.

As a recruiter or hiring manager, here are the necessary developer assessment tests you need to do to find the best developers for your company.

1. Portfolios

A developer’s portfolio is perhaps the best way to know the quality of their work. It also gives you an idea of their work ethic and their problem-solving skills.

A good portfolio is a sign that the developer is confident enough to put their best foot forward. It also means that the developer believes their work is good enough to present to potential employers.

While a portfolio is only an indication, it is an essential first step in evaluating developers.

2. Pre-Screening Interviews

When you want to hire the best developers, you will also want to make sure that you hire people who are a good fit for your company. Pre-screening interviews will help you determine if the applicants have the character traits you want in your employees.

Questions could range from those about their work history to those about how they work. Pre-screening interviews are different from the interviews with the development team as they are less demanding.

3. Technical Interview

It is crucial to make sure that you assess a developer on the technical skills you need. A technical interview is the best way to determine a developer’s technical ability to do the job. It is a good way of finding out what the developer is specifically good at and how far they are advanced in the technologies you need.

While a technical interview gives you a good view of what the candidate can do, you should still get a development process and code sample to make sure that they are up to the job.

4. Software Development Assessment Tests

A developer job assessment test must have the means to evaluate the developer’s technical skills. It is a good way of finding out how well the candidate can work under pressure. It will also determine if the candidate has all the required work ethics and attitudes and the necessary technical skills.

You can do this in two ways:

In-Person Coding Assessment

In-person coding assessments are an excellent way to assess a developer’s technical skills. This is the most technical of all of the assessments, as it assesses the ability of the developer to work on the job. This is a good way of assessing a developer’s skills for the job without simply asking questions. 

Remote Coding Assessment

A remote coding assessment is a good option when you need to gauge a developer’s technical skills. By conducting the test online, you can have the developer work at home, and you only need to oversee their progress.

It is even possible to have them work from a different location. If you are conducting the coding assessment remotely, you need to make sure that you can see both the developer’s screen and their screen.

Final Thoughts

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you should ensure that you can assess a developer’s merits. To do this, you need to evaluate their work, character, and technical skills. Assessments will ensure that you get the best developers to work for your company.

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