Things to Consider before Hiring an App Developer

Making your app development project a success is critical for the operational efficiency, employee productivity, and client base expansion of your firm. For this, you must hire an app developer. Outsourcing their expertise, though, requires strict criteria.

More than a positive reputation, your app developer should exhibit a distinct combination of skills that reflect excellent process management, technical expertise, and perception. At the same time, he or she must be a great team player.

While assessing such characteristics is challenging, it is vital to hire the best. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways and techniques for locating the best developer.

Read on to discover the things to consider before hiring an app developer for your company.

The Technical Knowledge

Technical competency is determined in addition to basic programming languages and technological abilities. A good programmer does not commit information to memory that can be easily acquired from a language measurement or an API manual. A good developer also regards learning a new language, design pattern, technology, or trend as trivial.

As a result, assess the candidate's technical skills, ingenuity, problem-solving abilities, understanding capacity, and comprehension. Remember that your primary goal is to assess the developer's problem-solving skills, language comprehension, and coding style. 

The Past Works

It is critical to investigate a professional app developer's track record before hiring them. Thus, examine their previous work to see what types and degrees of complexity they have handled.

You can also look through client testimonials. This will offer you an impression of their professionalism and performance skills.

The “Source Code” Talk

The first question to ask developers is if they plan to share or claim the source code. Consideration of source code ownership and other important intellectual property rights may help you choose the best resource for your project. Developers may occasionally wish to keep some of the freshly developed code they created while working on your software. He or she must provide you with an in-depth analysis of this code so that you understand who owns what.

However, identifying and agreeing on what is and is not frequently done is more difficult than it appears, so avoid agreeing. Even if they tell you to keep it, do not do so; as a result, such developers should not be employed for your project.

The Cost and Timetable

The cost of any application development process is essential. As a result, when hiring a developer, be certain that all charges, including cost overruns and underlying fees, are disclosed upfront to avoid later confusion.

Furthermore, the developer must ensure that all commitments are met on schedule. Any delay on the part of the development team signifies a severe client setback. In such circumstances, make certain that the development team acknowledges your work.

The Work Style

Make an effort to comprehend their work style. It is a vital stage in determining the viability of a project. Everyone has their own peculiarities and concerns, but you should try to understand the overall method.

As you assess how they work, see what fits you and your company. This may help you choose the right developer for a variety of projects. You can also determine whether they are capable of handling questions, complaints, and scope revisions. 


Now that you know what to consider before hiring an app developer, it’s time to get to work. As you assess your applicants based on what you want and what is important to your company, you may then decide who can fit your team best. In as little time as possible, you can see who can reach your goals with you!

Do you need help with a hiring assessment test? Kandio is here to give your company the most suitable talent for your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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