Here’s What to Look for When Hiring Android Programmers

An Android programmer is a software developer specializing in creating applications for the Android operating system. Android applications are written in the Java programming language and use the Android software development kit (SDK) to run.

An Android programmer is important because they are responsible for creating apps that run on the Android platform. Android is a very popular mobile operating system, and millions of devices use it. This means that there is a huge demand for apps that run on Android.

Android programmers use a variety of tools to create their apps. They need to be skilled in Java, the programming language in which Android apps are written. They also need to be familiar with the Android SDK, a set of tools used to develop Android apps.

What to Look For in an Android Programmer

Regarding Android programming, the skills in demand in 2022 may surprise you. While the basics of Java programming and Android SDK are still important, several new skills are becoming increasingly important for Android programmers. Here are the top skills to look for while hiring Android programmers in 2022:

1. Kotlin

Kotlin is a new programming language that is gaining popularity for Android development. While it is not required to be an Android programmer, it is becoming increasingly important. Kotlin is a statically typed language that is more concise and easier to read than Java. It is also interoperable with Java, meaning Kotlin code can be used alongside Java code.

2. Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a set of libraries, tools, and guidance for Android development. It is designed to help developers write high-quality, robust, and maintainable code. Jetpack is a relatively new addition to the Android platform, but it is quickly becoming essential for Android development.

3. Material Design

Material Design is a design language created by Google. It is based on the principles of material science and is used to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. Material Design is becoming increasingly important for Android development as more and more apps are designed with it in mind.

4. OpenGL

OpenGL is a cross-platform graphics API used for 2D and 3D graphics. While it is not required for Android programming, it is becoming increasingly important as more Android devices can support high-end graphics.

5. Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android development. While it is not required to use Android Studio, it is becoming increasingly important as it is designed specifically for Android development and provides many features and tools that make it easier.

6. XML

XML is a markup language that allows developers to create user interfaces for Android applications. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is similar to HTML but not as well suited for creating web pages. XML is better suited for creating user interfaces because it allows developers to create custom tags.

7. SQL

SQL is a standard database query language for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data in databases. It is one of the most popular languages for developing Android applications that need to store data in databases. SQL is easy to learn and use and is an essential skill for any programmer who wants to create Android applications that can store data effectively.


Hiring Android programmers in 2022 will be a challenge for companies. The number of Android programmers is expected to grow slower than the demand for Android programmers. Companies will have to compete for a limited number of qualified Android programmers. Companies will need to offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain the best 

Android programmers.

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