Recruiting Online? Here are Some Crucial Dos and Don'ts

In the past, online recruiting was a cost-effective way of finding candidates compared to traditional headhunting methods or sifting through résumés. Today's online platforms are more powerful than ever; recruiting is one of the fields that has made the most use of AI. But none of these tools replace human interaction; recruitment is still about human interaction. However, the internet offers many ways to search for the best people for the job. As for startups or corporates looking for top talent, online recruitment will be an invaluable tool to find them. If you are new to recruitment, this article will give you some tips on succeeding with online recruitment.

DO use video

Video and "live"-streaming are rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication for most people. If you haven't already, it's best to start using video in your online recruitment efforts. For one thing, they are often the best way to convey information, especially when the candidates are too far away to travel to the job and are too busy to attend an interview in person. Secondly, they are excellent for creating a more human connection between you and the candidates. Lastly, they can be used to promote your business and its culture.

DON'T forget referrals

Referrals will always be one of the best sources of hires. But, with the advent of online recruiting, you can use referrals to bring in even more talent. For one thing, there's a matter of time. Recruiting with referrals is faster and easier than other forms of recruitment. For another thing, they are one of the best ways to fill niches and cultural gaps, especially when you have limited time to fill a position.

DO use a social media platform.

You should be if you aren't on the major social media platforms. Just about everyone is on at least one or all of them. Whether you use them for yourself or your business, you should definitely use them to recruit. For one thing, they'll allow you to reach a vast audience, far more extensive than you could with more conventional forms of communication. For another thing, they'll allow you to get a sense of the candidates' personalities and interests.

DON'T forget about LinkedIn

It may seem obvious, but you should use the platform designed for professionals to network, communicate, and recruit. It's an excellent way to pre-qualify and identify candidates before you put in the time and effort to meet them in person. It's also an excellent way to hire for niche positions and more advanced positions where you need a more experienced candidate.

DO optimize your profiles.

If you want to keep your candidates engaged, you should optimize your social media profiles for recruiting. For one thing, you need to post and share information that will catch the attention of your candidate audience. This can be anything from job postings to informative articles. Whatever you do, though, you want the content to be relevant, timely, and to be of high quality.


Online recruiting can be a valuable tool for any recruiter looking to bolster their efforts and find the best talent for their business, regardless of the industry. If you're looking to improve your recruitment efforts through online recruiting, we recommend you make use of the tips and advice we've provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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