A Guide To Excel Skill Assessment Test For Employment

As a hiring manager, you must hire suitable candidates for the job for a successful company. However, hiring qualified candidates can be tricky, especially since it's expensive and time-consuming. At the same time, candidates can fake their resumes and credentials, which can endanger your company.

Excel skills are one of the crucial skills hiring departments look for in a candidate. While most candidates have basic Excel knowledge, an advanced Excel skills assessment test for employment can help narrow your list and find Excel experts who can maximize the program's full potential. 

This article will explain the advanced Excel skills to test, their ideal job roles, and three steps in assessing them.

6 Advanced Excel Skills To Test

The first step to creating an Excel skill assessment test for employment is identifying what skills you want to test. And advanced Excel users know more than the program's basic data entry and formula functionalities.

1. Data Simulations

Excel data simulation means creating mathematical models imitating a situation or process. Users must know how to use statistical functions, what-if analysis tools, and random number generation functions. 


Vertical Lookup or VLOOKUP is a search tool enabling users to provide specific search parameters to find data within a particular column.

3. Pivot Tables

They allow users to calculate, analyze, and summarize data. Users can detect patterns and trends to make valuable comparisons by grouping and filtering data into categories to include or exclude categories.

4. Index Match

It combines the index and match functions. The index uses a cell location to return its value, and match returns the cell number for a specific value. While VLOOKUP is only suitable for vertical columns, this function is a "two-way" search engine since users can find columns, rows, or both.

5. Advanced Conditional Formatting

Candidates with this skill can easily customize how to display cells or a group of cells to highlight their values to meet multiple conditions.

6. Macros and VBA

The Visual Basic Applications (VBA) language program macros formulas to enable specific commands when users activate them; macros help users efficiently manage their spreadsheets by automating common and repeating keystrokes to deliver multiple and complex tasks with a click. 

Job Roles Requiring Advanced Excel Skills Testing

Excel is essential for different office purposes. An advanced Excel skill assessment test for employment can help narrow your job search for the following roles: data clerk, data analyst, accountant, data scientist, auditor, cost estimator, financial analyst, and business and marketing analyst.

3 Steps To Assessing Your Candidates' Excel Skills

After identifying the target skills and the job roles that need testing, here are three steps to conducting a skill assessment test for employment. 

1. Customize Advanced Excel Skills Assessment

You can now build a skill assessment test for employment. Adding other tests gives you more meaningful insights about your applicants' profiles and gauges if they're qualified for the role and company. Role-specific tests, cognitive ability assessments, and personality and culture tests allow you to get deeper insights about your candidate. 

2. Send Them The Assessment They Must Complete

After creating a well-rounded skill assessment test for employment, you can now invite candidates to accomplish it. You may provide details about your hiring process and their assessment: how you'll rate and evaluate them, and you can include a deadline for the screening test. 

Sending candidates the assessment before interviewing them can save time and resources and ensure that only the best people reach the hiring process' following stages. 

3. Analyze The Results

Lastly, it's time to find the candidates qualified for the next stage of your hiring process. The software can help you see the top-ranking candidates based on their average scores.

You may also get a detailed summary of their overall assessment and individual test results to determine how much you'll give for specific test scores. 

Hiring The Right People

Finding great employees can be tricky, especially since it's time-consuming and expensive, and you might endanger your company by hiring the wrong candidates. Crafting skill assessment tests for employment is an efficient way to save time and money in the following stages. 

With Kandio, we can help companies with their craft skill assessment tests for employment. We want our clients to discover our tests made by the world's best experts. Visit our website to try it for free today!

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