How to Effectively Recruit Talented People

No man is an island—everybody needs a helping hand, no matter who you are or how independent you think you can be. Just like in life, a business cannot be without other people. 

You can start a business by yourself, but expanding and scaling a business isn’t possible with just two hands and one mind. For a business to succeed, you need people with exceptional talents, bright minds, great attitudes, and the right skill sets. But how do you do that?

Companies that have evolved into global corporations started as small start-ups, but what helped them become what they are today were exceptional employees that helped build their enterprise from the ground up. Hiring the right employee is critical to your company’s growth, but it can be challenging to find the right people. 

Recruitment isn’t as easy as handpicking them by their photos, having a good feeling about the interview, or being impressed with the university they graduated from—you need to have a discerning eye and the right tactics to get the right people. 

Recruiting the best talent can be challenging, but these tips can help make the recruitment process more manageable:

Improve Your Candidate Pool

There will never be a shortage of candidates, but not everyone that sends you their CV can be suitable for your company. Instead of looking at the number of applicants you have, consider how many of those applicants you think have the necessary skill set and experience to contribute significantly to your company. 

If you’re not satisfied with the number of promising applicants you have, you have a dried-up candidate pool. Follow these ways to improve the quality of your candidate pool:

Edit Your Job Description

Great candidates will only respond to job descriptions that seem promising and interesting. Review your job description and see what you can tweak to make your job opening stand out and attract the best talents. 

You can also use your job description to weed out any unqualified candidates by providing specific skills you require from your employee.

Monitor Networks and Online Job Boards

Look for potential employees on LinkedIn or online job boards for people who have their resumes online. Scan their profiles and resumes to see what you’re lacking, so you can further improve your candidate pool.

Encourage Your Employees for Referrals

Online job boards aren’t the only way to find the best talents—inform your employees of your job opening and ask them to refer a person for the job. If you trust in your employees’ skills and judgement, they might just bring in someone great as well.

Screen Your Candidates

At first glance, an applicant may seem promising on paper—but there’s always a chance that they could be providing you with false information. Screen all of your applicants’ applications, perform background checks, and ask their references for their opinions about the candidate. 

You don’t have to hire them first to find out if they’re suitable for your company—their previous employers can tell you if the applicant is a red flag or if you hit the recruitment jackpot.

Offer Better Pay and Benefits

The brightest talents usually know what they’re worth—if you want them to work at your company, offer them excellent salaries and above-average benefits. Your employees are your investments; if they can contribute significantly to the company’s success, give them a reason to stay with you.

Involve Your Employees

Your present employees can assist you with the recruitment process. They can help you review applications, perform interviews, and provide insights on who they think best fits that company’s needs. If they are genuinely committed to helping your business succeed, your employees will be a great help in choosing the right candidate.


The recruitment process is not easy—you not only have to look for the best candidates, but you also have to ensure that they see your business as the best company for them. If you find that you won’t do as great of a job in recruiting while managing your business, you can always have a candidate evaluation software help you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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