Top Reasons Companies Value Pre-employment Assessments

Pre-employment testing and assessment are the most objective tools for predicting job performance and fit with the organization. It entails offering tests and questionnaires to candidates to evaluate their cognitive aptitude, critical thinking abilities, personality, preferences, and motivation, to name a few.

You can choose from various examinations, and your testing criteria will vary depending on the characteristics you need in candidates for a particular department or business. When appointing senior executives, it is critical to consider the cognitive ability and general personality attributes. Personality attributes such as friendliness, punctuality, and conscientiousness may be more important when hiring a server.

Here are reasons companies value pre-employment assessments:

1. Pre-employment Testing Is Objective

It’s a fact that people can be judgmental, and they often harbor preconceived notions of another person before they’ve even met him. Pre-employment testing is offered by a third party and is entirely objective, which means applicants’ answers to questions do not get influenced by the employers’ opinions.

2. Pre-employment Tests Help Employers Find Key CanddateBusiness Results

Businesses often have a specific role in mind for a new hire, and pre-employment assessments can help them see which skills will make the candidate successful in that position. For example, if they hire someone to be a bartender at the bar in their restaurant, they will likely want an applicant who scores highly in social skills.

3. Pre-employment Testing Gives Employers A Head Start

Hiring can receive many resumes and conduct interviews with potential recruits, particularly for senior roles. Pre-employment testing saves time by not restricting the pool of candidates based on their responses to assessment questions.

Some of the questions you may ask a candidate include:

  • How do you handle conflict?
  • What motivates you to do a good job?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • Can you describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision to do what was right for the business?

4. Pre-Employment Testing Helps Reduce Turnover

Companies that invest in pre-employment assessments can help ensure that their hires will stay longer in their positions and value the feedback these candidates receive from the assessment. A good hiring process can help establish trust and credibility with potential new employees and reduce the risk of leaving soon after starting the job.

5. Pre-Employment Testing Helps Evaluate Applicants On A Fair Basis

Pre-employment testing is a fair way to evaluate candidates because it avoids nepotism and bias. Every candidate has the same chance to prove their worth and stand out above the rest.

6. Pre-Employment Testing Is Cost-Effective

Pre-employment testing can be done relatively inexpensively and quickly. You may have a large pool of applicants to consider, but if you have pre-employment testing done, it will narrow that pool promptly and efficiently. The cost of pre-employment assessment tools is insignificant when you think about the benefits you reap in return.


If you are a small business or a growing business hiring new employees, pre-employment testing is an excellent option to consider. It is a cost-effective way to ensure that your hires will be successful in their positions, adding value to your business.

Kandio can help you give the best candidate assessment tests for potential hires. Our objective is to provide any business with an easy-to-use platform that enables them to analyze and hire exceptional talent in a matter of clicks. Contact us today!

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