Coding Assessments: An Essential Tool against Challenges

Code assessments, sometimes referred to as coding challenges or coding skills tests, are a collection of standardized inquiries, difficulties, or issues posed to developers to determine their degree of expertise.

Different methods of coding assessments exist. You can build your own or use an already-built platform to build them. It can take a week to finish a big problem, or it might be a multiple-choice test.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to skin a cat, but the end objective is to provide each candidate with a score that can be used to compare and contrast developers. These scores can then be added to your other employment criteria, such as pay, communication abilities, or prior work experience, to help you select the ideal applicant for your company.

The Many Challenges of Hiring Developers

Any problem must first be identified before it can be solved. Let's first look at some of the difficulties you could encounter when hiring developers. Then, we'll examine how coding challenges could help to ease problems.

1. Lack of Qualified Candidates

When hiring, a lack of qualified candidates may seem to be a significant barrier for businesses. However, there are frequently exceptional prospects in your applicant pool; they may just be overlooked if their CV doesn't seem appropriate or for any number of other reasons.

A coding assessment can be useful in this situation. Before selecting applicants for interviews, you can gauge each applicant's level of expertise by assigning them a code assignment to complete. Naturally, a balance must be found here since many developers will avoid taking on any coding challenges until speaking with the organization.

Casting a wider net can be another strategy to address a dearth of qualified candidates. You should not worry about a large number of applications if you employ a code evaluation early in your hiring process because only those who are technically qualified will move on to the next level.

2. Too Many Candidates

Even worse than having too few candidates is having too many. You can be at a loss for where to begin when so many candidates exist. Simply put, if you didn't have time to chat with them, you might have missed that possible standout. Again, by conducting a coding evaluation early on, you can make sure that no one is overlooked simply because they submitted their application last.

3. The Hiring Manager's Limited Time

Nothing can be done to avoid it. It takes time to hire. Your staff can lose hours of production when making numerous introduction calls, going through technical interviews, and sorting through CVs. You can reduce the requirement for technical interviews and the number of phone calls you'll need to make to recruit developers by using a technical coding evaluation. This enables you to treat everyone equally while concentrating your team's efforts on only the top candidates.

4. Poor Quality Hiring

Poor hiring decisions may be incredibly expensive for any organization. We have discussed the hiring manager's time; now consider the time spent onboarding new employees, teaching them, managing them, conducting code reviews, and more. Everyone concerned is wasting a ton of time on this. Not to mention any fees for agents, job boards, or advertising, all of which contribute to the overall expense of recruiting.

Additionally, if you have to rewrite that applicant's code, your output and revenue will be reduced. If you make a lousy hire, you'll have to hire again.

Of course, while the risk of hiring the wrong person may never be completely eliminated, your risk can be greatly reduced with a coding assessment. You'll have a good idea of each applicant's coding skills; now it's up to you to determine whether their personality and career goals align with the company and the position.

5. Treating All Candidates Equally

Not treating all applicants fairly can be detrimental to business in addition to being unjust. We're not only talking about prejudice here; a variety of other variables may also influence a hiring manager's decisions. For instance, do the interviews take place prior to or following lunch? Has the hiring manager had a particularly trying day or a restless night? We can aid in the elimination of hiring prejudices by providing all candidates with a uniform coding assessment.


Coding assessments are an essential tool in the development of any software project. They provide a way to objectively measure a potential employee's skills and identify areas where further training may be needed.

Overall, by using a coding assessment, employers can ensure that they are hiring the best possible candidates for their team.

If you are looking for a company that provides coding assessment tests, look no further than our services here at Kandio. We offer a wide range of assessments that are sure to provide your company with the exemplary employee that it needs. Call us today for more information about our offered tests and other related services.

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