What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pre-Employment Testing Software

Before the development of pre-employment assessment software, employers needed to engage an external testing expert to evaluate a candidate. This process was lengthy and expensive, resulting in an increased hiring time. It was at this time that companies started looking for an alternative solution.

Pre-employment assessment software has simplified the process of recruitment for the talent acquisition team. With its assistance, thousands of job applicants can be evaluated at a much faster rate, thereby reducing the time and cost associated with recruiting. 

On the candidate side, pre-employment software has been able to ease the recruitment experience with its job matching, interview scheduling, and assessment administration.

How Pre-Employment Tests Are Changing the Job Search Process for Candidates

The job hunt experience has never been easy for candidates, but over the years, it has undergone a sea change. Once again, the candidate experience is gaining importance in the employment market. Candidates are increasingly demanding a personalized experience and employers are ensuring that they can assist their job seekers on multiple fronts.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Pre-Employment Testing Software

Before purchasing pre-employment tests, companies should consider the following key elements to ensure the software meets your unique needs:

  • Customization and Ability to Create Questions
  • Multiple Pre-employment Testing Methods
  • Simulators to Test Real-world Skills
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Online Proctoring
  • Ease of Use
  • 24×7 Support

Customization: Is the Software Capable of Generating Compelling Questions?

Pre-employment assessment software should be able to create questions that are customized to fit an employer’s requirements. Creating questions that test the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of an individual will be the most exciting part of the selection process. If a pre-employment assessment is unable to provide these skills, employers will experience a limited array of questions.

Multiple Pre-employment Testing Methods:

There are many ways to test a candidate and a pre-employment assessment should be able to provide these testing methods:

  • Online Testing
  • Simulation Testing
  • Face-to-face Pen and Paper test
  • Phone Interview
  • Contextual Interview

Simulators to Test Real-world Skills

Pre-employment assessment software should be able to provide a platform for a simulated testing environment. These simulators are not only helpful to test the candidate’s skills but also to train them for future opportunities.

Why 24×7 Support?

The developers of pre-employment software should be available at any time of the day to provide assistance to clients. The pre-employment testing software should be accessible all day, every day to help candidates, clients, and their employees at any time.

The Bottom Line: How Pre-Employment Software Tools Change the Job Search Process

The employment landscape is getting more candidate-friendly with the emergence of pre-employment assessment tools. Candidates can access the web-based assessment platform easily and can directly communicate with the employer.

What Makes Kandio Different?

Our pre-assessment software tool can help you get found by hiring managers, recruiters, founders, and CTOs on the hunt for the best of the bunch in the industry. Our mission is to help our clients improve the entire recruitment process with our top-notch assessment tests.

Do You Need an Assessment Test Software?

Kand.io is a fully automated measurement software providing you with a comprehensive assessment testing tool. With our test program, you are able to create any type of test, including written tests, oral tests, performance tests, web-based tests, and other assessment tests for jobs

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