What Challenges Do Technical Changes Pose to Human Resource Managers?

Human resources departments are responsible for finding, hiring, and training new employees to meet a business's changing needs. As technology advances, technical changes require organizations to retool so that the workforce can stay current with the latest technology and continue to succeed. 

A human resources manager could help someone update existing software to use the latest coding techniques. This is only one of the many things an HR Manager does during technical changes. Here are the others:

1. Implement New Policies

Businesses implement new policies and programs to keep employees current. As technology advances, so should business practices. Maintaining employees currently is essential to their success. 

For example, a business could create a policy that employees use a particular software program to complete their work. Should an employee not follow the procedure, they might receive a warning or be disciplined and even terminated depending on the infraction.

2. Training Employees

The technical changes can require workers to upgrade or learn new skills. Even if an employee performs the same job, they might need to learn a new way. For example, the business could update its software and require employees to learn a new coding protocol.

3. Managing Employee Morale

Technical changes can affect employee morale. They may feel out of step with their leaders and peers trying to cope with changes. If a worker is not successful at keeping up with the changes, they feel isolated and unhappy. Managers play a crucial role in helping their employees succeed despite technical changes.

Managers must help their employees understand the reasons for the technical changes. This can help them feel more in control and understand why work changes occurred. Managers can also encourage employees to form support groups and attend training offered by the business.

4. Monitoring Technical Change Progress

Human resources departments should monitor how changes affect employees. The goal is to keep morale high, but some businesses might feel like the changes are too much or too fast. The department should monitor the change closely and speak with employees, leaders, and managers to gauge the difference. If they feel like the changes are out of hand, they can implement policies or programs to keep the company moving forward.

5. Dealing with Workforce Shortages

Technical changes can create a skills shortage, thereby creating an immediate need for workers. For example, technological advances in the healthcare industry have made an overwhelming demand for workers. Some areas are so short-staffed they have to bring in workers from the outside. An HR manager could help find the right employees to fill these jobs.

6. Dealing with Resistance to Change

Some employees are resistant to change. They might feel like the changes are too much, unnecessary, or will make them look bad. A human resources manager might deal with employees who resist the changes by communicating openly and honestly. Managers should also point out the consequences of not changing, such as the risk of job loss.


Technical changes in an organization can be a challenge for human resources managers. They must speak with employees and leaders to gauge whether the changes will help or hurt the organization. Managers must also be knowledgeable about the latest changes to help employees succeed.

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