Candidates to Avoid When Recruiting Android App Developers

Sales of mobile apps reached $462 billion globally in 2019, and by 2023, they are projected to reach $936 billion. That certainly seems impressive. But not every app is a huge success. 

Because there are too many apps available, they are expensive, and other factors, just one mobile app out of every 10,000 survives. The success of your project and your business depends on the hiring of talented and experienced Android app developers.

If you wish to hire Android developers for the position, the following candidates should be avoided throughout the hiring process.

Developers without UI and Material Design Background

More than just a group of images make up a user interface. Yes, it must have a professional and appealing appearance, but it must also be easy to comprehend.

You may hire a designer to guarantee that your Android app has a greater user interface, but this isn't always sufficient. The UI might need to be changed if there are any product updates or new features added because the app will probably change while it is being built.

It might be expensive and time-consuming to hire a designer for every little modification or improvement. As a result, Android developers should be familiar with these scenarios and libraries based on prior experience and well-known apps. 

Fortunately, Android offers many "out of the box" UI solutions in the form of tutorials and libraries for a number of situations.

Due they will look similar to many programs that the average user is already familiar with, common UI patterns are advantageous. Additionally, because of Google's outstanding tools, developing the UI should be simple and quick.

Developers Who Are Unfamiliar with the Google Play App Store

There are numerous apps on Google Play from a reputed Android app developer. It is essential that your applicant has experience with it because there is much work to be done when implementing an app.

A tool that shows the significance of this level is Proguard. By obfuscating your code and removing unneeded libraries and classes, this program can make your application smaller and more secure. 

However, prior knowledge is necessary for using Proguard well. It's not an easy process, and doing it incorrectly can leak your code and increase the size of your product.

The only time it should be utilized is when publishing an application, as any seasoned developer is aware of. There is no need to hide your program while testing it before releasing it because it is still hidden from the wider public.

Developers Who Deliver Flawed Builds

You should properly test it to look for faults after giving a task to your applicant, who then completes it and informs you of the build. This is because it ought to make the developer's ability to identify and address problems clear.

This is crucial to examine because Android developers need to be able to spot flaws before releasing new versions and have the necessary testing skills. If they don't, they might provide you with a product that is buggy, and if you don't notice, end users might complain or leave bad reviews on the Google Play Store.

Because of this, you should pay close attention to the first build your candidate delivers you, thoroughly test it, and check to see if mistakes are simple to reproduce.


A good candidate should have the right skill set, be willing to learn new technologies and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, and have a positive attitude. By doing your due diligence and thoroughly vetting potential candidates, you can be sure to find the right candidate for your android app development needs.

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