How Does Your Business Go About Hiring An AWS Expert?

The popularity of Amazon's cloud service, AWS, has increased over the past few years. It powers systems for companies like Netflix, Pfizer, and Samsung. However, because the position is new, it may be challenging to recruit qualified AWS experts.

If you're trying to hire an AWS specialist, there are key skills you need to assess. You must first and foremost confirm that they have the required AWS abilities for the job.

This post will explain how to assess these skills and guide you through choosing an AWS expert by using assessment tests for jobs. 

What Do AWS Experts Do?

Software developers who use AWS are commonly referred to as AWS experts. However, some other jobs also require in-depth knowledge of AWS.

Any of the following could describe an AWS professional:

  • Clouds Architects
  • Aws Cloud Architects
  • Cloud System Administrators
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Authorities On Big Data

What Skills Are Necessary For AWS Professionals To Succeed?

AWS specialists require some skills to be successful. Almost all AWS experts need some key skills, though these will vary depending on the particular duties of each role:

For AWS experts, solid AWS expertise is required. The best way to assess AWS proficiency is through AWS tests. You might also check to see whether applicants have completed any of the several AWS certification courses.

AWS experts must have a solid understanding of cloud security, especially when working on sensitive data applications.

AWS professionals must have strong database knowledge and familiarity with specific databases (such as MongoDB and MySQL) and AWS database services (such as Amazon RDS or Amazon DynamoDB, among others).

How Does Your Business Go About Hiring An AWS Expert?

Here is your step-by-step guide to choosing an accomplished AWS professional for your company:

Make A Detailed Job Posting

In the job description, be specific about the role and the AWS project the applicant will be working on. Group the needs into necessary and desirable categories.

You may need passive recruitment strategies because many AWS specialists are already working for other companies and aren't actively looking for new jobs.

Test Their Understanding

We propose doing away with CV screening and testing each applicant's talents. An AWS assessment test is a reliable method of assessment that gives you unbiased data and enables you to identify your top applicants quickly. 

Based on the requirements for the position, develop a skills evaluation, and don't forget to include an AWS test.

Extend Interview Invitations To The Best Candidates

Make an appointment for interviews with your most qualified individuals to further evaluate their qualifications and profiles. Rejected candidates should be told that you won't be looking further into their applications.

Ask The Right Interview Questions

Interviews should be conducted in an organized manner to minimize bias. Ask the same questions to all applicants to eliminate bias and to keep the questions you ask to those that are relevant to the role (yes, you can still use behavioral questions).

Make a recruiting decision based on the exam and interview results.

Now that you have information from the interview and talent evaluation phases, you can easily make a fair hiring decision.

Make The Qualified Candidate An Offer

Your top candidate will receive an offer at this point, and you will discuss the terms of the offer and the start date.

As you can see, the hiring process doesn't have to be complicated. Your chances of locating the right personnel will increase the quicker you respond. Because AWS specialists are a rare species, you risk losing your top applicants to competitors if you take months to make your decision.

Given how quickly things move in the digital industry, the hiring process should be as simple as possible for you, your team, and the candidates. 


Finding the ideal AWS professional is not difficult with the appropriate tools. They are in high demand, so you must streamline your hiring procedure to find the best candidates. But with an AWS for developers assessment test, these issues may be readily resolved. Evaluating applicants' talents fairly and accurately will show them that you value their knowledge and abilities and simplify and hasten the hiring process.

Are you looking for a way to support candidate assessment exams? Sign up for Kandio right away. We offer AWS assessment tests that you may utilize to enhance employee development and training. Try Kandio right away, or write to us with any questions.

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