Should You Assess An Applicant's Emotional Intelligence?

For a long time, businesses have focused their efforts on finding people who can be tested for their IQ levels using standard IQ tests and other psychometric testing methods.

While an IQ-based employment assessment test is considered a reliable means to examine logical reasoning, arithmetic skills, verbal comprehension, and other talents, people with high IQs may struggle with interpersonal skills.

In a tough professional situation, when an issue is addressed by a team with a high level of shared emotional intelligence (EQ), a lot of time may be saved. This is because emotionally intelligent people will naturally get along, resulting in increased worker satisfaction and a sense of unity among employees.

Employees are more likely to be pleased with work if they feel understood by their bosses and coworkers. This, in turn, assists in creating better job outcomes. Employees will become excellent brand advocates as a result of this.

So, should you value and integrate EQ to your assessment test job application in your recruitment process? 

Dealing With Stress and Pressure 

In a corporate setting, where challenges and difficulties might develop at any time, emotions can naturally run high. Employees with high EQ will be able to deal with difficult situations calmly and efficiently, rather than getting overwhelmed or ruled by strong emotions.

They may also combine this knowledge with the essential social skills and charm to know what to say to alleviate tension amongst various personalities effectively. This character trait would be very beneficial for a senior employee to possess.

Increasing Resiliency

The ability to be resilient is important in the job since obstacles and issues will inevitably come, requiring resilience to retain motivation and, as a result, workflow.

Depending on their innate character preferences, some people are born with stronger levels of emotional resilience. Emotional resilience is a talent that may be learned as one's self-awareness improves.

It's crucial to remember that resilience isn't only a reactive talent; it's also a part of a proactive attitude to daily life, which brings an aura of positivity and energy, which are essential components of a progressive organizational culture.

Working Independently 

Another important aspect of emotional intelligence is self-motivation. Self-motivation is defined as an individual's capacity to keep their work in hand focused on long and short-term goals despite the presence of other emotions.

Setting unsupervised tasks for an emotionally intelligent person should result in effective completion since this individual is more likely to be able to defer gratification and avoid acting on impulse.

What Is the Best Way to Assess Emotional Intelligence?

Unfortunately, unlike IQ, there is no recognized validation of EQ in the form of a test or a scale. There is also debate about whether emotional intelligence is a recognized construct because it is linked to interpersonal and social abilities.

However, emotional intelligence is gaining steam in the recruiting world, and evaluating a candidate will reveal a wealth of information about whether or not a potential employee would be a good long-term match for a company. A recruiter that uses EQ testing will be able to determine an individual's strengths and limits and their capacity to collaborate and work as part of a team.

The best technique to determine EQ right now is through psychometric testing. Instead of being 'tested,' candidates would complete a questionnaire in which they would answer questions about hypothetical scenarios.


It is widely thought to be the ability to comprehend one's own emotions and others'. As a result, emotional intelligence has become a valuable metric for effective communication and harmonious interpersonal relationships. If you want to perform the assessments efficiently, you can also use an assessment test software.

Recruiting managers need to hire someone qualified and capable for the job. Using Kandio as your assessment test software can support you in recruiting the correct individual for the position by combining a skills assessment exam with applicant tracking systems' sophisticated data management features. Try it for free today!

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