How to Effectively Assess and Hire Tech Professionals

It may not be easy to employ computer talent without being a tech specialist, but a few techniques can help you find the right person for the position without learning to code.

So, how should non-technical individuals go about hiring tech talent?

Determine Your Tech Company's Goals

First and foremost, as a recruiter, HR professional, or business owner, you must have a thorough understanding of the job and business requirements. Consult a skilled and experienced tech specialist who can listen to your objectives and recommend your company's best technical language, platform, etc.

After you've settled on the technology and platform, you'll need to learn about the job description to hire tech talent. 

Saying you need an IT Specialist, for example, isn't useful because it doesn't convey what you require. Instead, you may require the services of a back-end software developer or a product software expert.

What Should Business Owners Do?

If you're a company founder looking for tech talent,

  • Speak with an industry professional you can trust.
  • If your company relies substantially on technology, consider bringing on a technical co-founder or hiring a CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Consider collaborating with others by joining a local co-working space or company incubator. You may network and take advantage of technological resources to assist you in learning more about the sector.
  • Develop and facilitate an IT service management assessment test or assessments specific to the open role. 

What Should HR and Recruiting Professionals Do?

If you're a recruiter or an HR professional, the best thing you can do is enlist the help of specialists in the industry.

  • Adding more technical resources will aid in the recruitment of tech talent. Put your developer team in a meeting and discuss ways to find folks similar to them.
  • Inquire whether any team members are aware of any skilled experience in a specific programming language. They may assist you in determining the proper terminology for job descriptions and which abilities to test.

Participate in Hackathons and Meetups 

Instead of attending job fairs, hunt for excellent talent at activities that aren't normally associated with recruiting.

Meetups/Group Events – Look for group events on sites like meetups that will likely attract qualified people for your available position.

Hackathons – A hackathon gathers computer programmers and software developers who work together to create new software. Many hackathons are divided into categories based on their focus, and you should attend ones relevant to your startup. Companies are increasingly embracing hackathons as a recruitment strategy, allowing engineers "think on your feet" scenarios to evaluate coding skills in real-time.

Use Specialized Job Boards

Because of the value, usefulness, and ease-of-use of today's employment sites, there has been a paradigm shift in the way employers recruit. For both companies and job seekers, online job sites have changed the recruitment scene and greatly boosted the efficiency with which hiring decisions may be made. To find your ideal individual, use good job sites.

Put Candidates To The Test

After all of your hard work, you now have a talent pool in your hands, which you must sort through using their resumes.

Resumes do not reflect reality, and asking questions based on resumes is a major blunder. In practically any field, anyone can claim to be an expert. The only way to know if a candidate will work successfully is to put their talents to the test and assess their knowledge.

Use legitimate and reliable pre-employment testing tools to correctly analyze, appraise, and hire tech talent. An assessment test is a quick and simple approach that will save you time, effort, and money.

Your IT team will be overjoyed because you have saved them a lot of time devising skill tests, evaluating candidates, and conducting interviews with irrelevant people. Companies benefit from a skills assessment test for employment because it identifies the most likely individuals to do well.


While acquiring top tech talent can be time-consuming, thinking outside of the box can help your company reach a larger pool of qualified individuals. Your company will benefit from a clear mission, relevant connections, the humility to include experts in the review process, and a focus on the correct attitude and excitement for the work.

Kandio is the ideal answer for you if you need pre-employment hiring assessments tailored to tech roles. Using our curated skill-testing program, you can conduct a skills assessment test for employment prepared by industry professionals. To get started, download Kandio for free.

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