Our Guide to Hiring SEO Experts: What You Need to Know Pt. 1

We're indeed living much deeper into the digital age. Now that people are always on their mobile phones or laptops, it's only right that businesses head to the shift and create an online space of their own. With your own website and online real estate, you can share business knowledge and connect with your market to improve your business's performance.

With that being said, it's important to put your content at the forefront to ensure you're getting quality leads and clients to your business's websites. And the only way you could do that is by having an effective SEO campaign. With that being said, many business leaders look for SEO experts to help them improve their strategies, reaching their business goals much faster.

You're probably here because you're looking for ways to find reputable SEO experts to join your team. If that's the case, you need to look for talent who passes the SEO assessment test, has the right skills, and drive to join your team.

Is It Easy to Find SEO Experts to Join the Team?

It's quite hard to find trustworthy SEO experts, especially if you're a new startup or well-established business. There are many businesses looking for an SEO expert that could take control of their online presence. The problem is that many people think that it's easy to find an SEO professional.

For this reason, hire tests are crucial to ensure that you narrow down your candidates into worthy and talented individuals fit for your team.

What Type of SEO Role are You Hiring For?

  • SEO Experts Who Can Handle Big Enterprises: This is the type of SEO expert who handles big enterprises, has the capacity to handle massive budgets, and has proven success in the SEO industry. You need to make sure that you're looking for an SEO expert who has strong skills in on-page SEO, link building, keyword research, coding, user experience, content marketing, and SEO reporting.
  • Can Manage Different Platforms and Content: While others may believe that all SEO experts do the same thing, it's not really true. Some SEO experts are specialized in one platform such as social media, while others can create content for all platforms. Just to give you an example, a social media SEO expert can handle the following: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These are just some of the platforms that most SEO experts can handle. If you want to make sure that your SEO expert can handle all the platforms you need, make sure to ask for their portfolio.
  • Has SEO Experience: You should hire an SEO expert who has been in the industry for some time, who has proven to have solid skills, and who has worked with different companies, especially those that are in your industry. Asking the right questions are crucial to avoid hiring a poor SEO expert.
  • Exhibits Professional Growth: While it's easy to think that you can hire a knowledgeable SEO expert, it's still important for them to have professional growth. Candidates who exhibit professional growth work harder to improve their skills, experience, and portfolio. They are also expected to attend training and conferences related to SEO, making them more knowledgeable about their work.

The Bottom Line: Make Sure You're Hiring the Right SEO Expert for Your Company

At this point, it's easier to look for an SEO expert since you know what to look for—shifting to online means hiring an SEO expert who helps you generate an effective online presence and connect with your target audience.

How Can We Help You?

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