3 Ways to Become a Web Developer Even Without a Fancy Degree

3 ways to become a web developer even without a fancy degree

Digital transformation is here, and it’s changing every aspect of how business is conducted, and also how one can become a web developer. Now that digital transformation disrupts an already volatile market, businesses are now placing a higher value on professionals who can create and develop innovative solutions as a way to stand above the crowd. 

There are many lucrative job options in the field of IT and tech for everyone, from those planning on shifting towards a more profitable career to those reentering the workforce after many years. Being a web developer, in particular, is a popular choice as it offers lucrative compensation packages, not to mention the fact that demand for developers is at its peak.

Why become a web developer?

Web developers are usually professionals who can flex both their creativity and analytical skills since their main task is to create and maintain a website. They expected to develop a seamless website experience for users while also ensuring that the technical aspects are running as smoothly as possible. Apart from competitive salaries, web developers also enjoy a perfect work-life balance and the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. 

Some, however, are hesitant to enter the world of world development, and it’s often due to their lack of a college degree. Fortunately, you don’t need to earn college units just to become a web developer when you can simply follow these simple ways:

Learn the (coding) language

Budding web developers are expected to be adept at many, if not all, coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are prerequisites in developing a fully-functioning website, yet these are surprisingly easy to learn. 

There’s no shortage of online modules and courses tackling these coding languages. In fact, coding courses are available over at Udemy or Edx, which learners can go through at their own pace and in their own homes. You’ll be surprised to know the number of web developers who started their careers with these self-teaching methods.

Join communities

The tech community is filled with friendly experts who are willing to lend a hand to budding developers. In this community, questions are asked and experiences are shared to inspire those who are beginning their journey in the tech field. There are no shortages of online forums dedicated to web development, not to mention numerous seminars and workshops happening in a year.

Put your skills to the test

Whether they are small projects from close friends or a simple passion project from years ago, these can be vital in helping soon-to-be developers become more comfortable with web development. As small as these projects may seem, these can greatly help in giving the confidence to become a professional web developer.

Applying as a web developer?

Still, a number of developers fear that a lack of a degree may hinder them from getting projects or even being employed into big companies. On the contrary, employers prioritize technical skills when sifting through their candidates, thereby putting self-taught professionals on equal footing with those with degrees.

What’s left to do is to prove your expertise in web development. Expect recruiters to test your coding skills with platforms such as Kandio, where your skills on HTML and CSS will be assessed. With that said, we’re wishing you the best of luck and we hope you find bigger and better opportunities in the field of web development!

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